Who do you want cast as Snow White?

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Posted 8 years.


  • NicoletheActress - 8 years ago

    SELENA GOMEZ FOR MANY REASONS. She is a young, beautiful girl like Snow White is supposed to be. She has the dark hair too. She is a really talented actress and deserves it. Kirsten Stewart is a drugaddict who cant act for her life.

  • angel - 8 years ago

    kristen james stewart is perfect for the role snow white.russia,china,india,asia all over the worl they love kristen stewart...

  • Lace - 8 years ago

    I VOTE SELENA! She is the better actress between the two. She is also a great singing. I loved Kristen in Twilight but that's her thing, "dark and edgy." Thats just her, I don't see her being anything but that. Selena is Disney! Fun! More Free! I think she will do such a better job. Sorry Kristen! Your great too, just not disney, Snow White!


  • Roselina - 8 years ago

    Uhhh .. no . SELENA ALL the waay . Why i think this ? Well Selena seems to FIT the roll more, Kristen is a GREAT actress im sure, but shes too .... "Dark atmosphere" i cant picture her to be all "princess" like and stuff ; SO Selena Gomez ! :]

  • Bella - 8 years ago

    Selena the best!!!!!!I Votes for Selena!!!Selena More beautiful than Kristen

  • Bob DeRoos - 8 years ago

    Who ever is the fairest in the land

  • Rina - 8 years ago

    Votes for Selena!) she is the best! and Kristen sucks, this is clearly not its role! Selena best !*))))
    Ukraine and Russia will vote for Selena, and do not argue shit: DDDD

  • Bella - 8 years ago

    i vote selena gomez!She best

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    I defenitly think selena should play the role because kristen is more of an edgy girl and to see her play snow white is a little weird. I love them both but my choice is Selena :)

  • Chelsea - 8 years ago

    I think Selena Gomez should play the part because Kristan Stewert sounds like a guy, is completly boyish, doesnt even look CLOSE to Snow White and she cant act! So why destroy the movie? Selena Gomez is very pretty, can act and looks soooo much like Snow White plus Snow White sings alot and Selena Gomez can sing and i bet Kristan Stewert cant. So my chioce is clear and right.

  • Alex - 8 years ago

    Vote Kristen Stewart!!!!!
    Like FAbio sad....Selena looks like a baby....so Kristen more better!!!!))))))))

    Ukrain with you, Kristen!

  • coco - 8 years ago

    Kristen Stewart all the way.. Selena NO wayyyyyyy.

  • Fabio Jr - 8 years ago

    Vote Kristen Stewart! Vote Kristen Stewart!
    I think it would be better to act Snow White because Selena Gomez looks like a baby .. and everyone knows that Snow White is not baby-faced, otherwise, Snow White is a young teenager, so Kristen is more for acting

  • Alex - 8 years ago

    Mr. Smolvi, is not it!
    Russia hates Selena =)
    Vote for Kristen!
    Только Кристен!!

  • oopss - 8 years ago

    Selena,Selena Selenaa!! She is the best actress and singer!

  • Mr. Smolvi - 8 years ago

    Russian vote for Selena Gomez!
    We love you Selena!

  • Anon - 8 years ago

    Selena is so lame!

  • elly - 8 years ago

    i vote selena gomez!
    shes an amazingly talented actress and singer!
    this role would be a perfect opportunity for her to unweave herself from the disney channel web without people accusing her for doing it wrong like they did miley cyrus, every disney star eventually has to move onto bigger projects not involved with the disney mania, and selena has been doing disney stuff since she was like 6 years old, she has been acting for a very long time and singing since she was 6 aswell, shes extremely talented, she was told when she was younger that she wasnt strong enough to pull off her own tv show, and now you look at her in wizards, and other movies which she has played a lead role, she is beautiful, and knows what shes doing, selena would make the most perfect snow white, even if this particular snow white is a fighter with sords and bow and arrows and what not, selena would pull of this character role with flying colours!

  • kate - 8 years ago

    i would choose kristen

    coz she is an actress

    like julia says

    i think kristen is a real life snow white :)

  • julia - 8 years ago

    i voted kristen stewart because selena gomez needs to focus on her sinnging carree and disney channel but i do love selena gomez i just think that selena is also a singer so kristen should get the part cause she just an actress

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