Caption Contest 91 VOTE! (Poll Closed)

  • Attention children of Gotham: I will be punching any of you dressed as The Joker this Halloween. And Robin gets your candy. Carry on.
    49 votes

  • The Bat-Signal is currently experiencing higher-than-normal use. Please, try calling for help later.
    19 votes

  • Attention Justice League. One of you parked your INVISIBLE JET on my car. That is all.
    33 votes

  • Please don’t throw your panties. They get stuck on my ears.
    22 votes

  • I just discovered I’m Oprah’s I’m outta here! Peace out!!
    10 votes

  • Where are you people up there going? SIT DOWN. I’m not done explaining the Crisis yet!
    21 votes

  • And before we start the performance, I’d just like to ask you guys to please stop posting my number on Craigslist. It’s not funny anymore, CLARK.
    32 votes

  • Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN!
    41 votes

  • Well that’s it. I’m taking any more calls until the Joker loses his phone privileges at Arkham.
    14 votes


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