Does Andy Pettitte deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? (Poll Closed)

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  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Jeter will have 3,000 hits this season, how can he not be a hall of famer? A guy who plays hard everyday and has not cheated.

  • Bob Nagy - 11 years ago

    The criteria for the Hall is to be a dominant player at his position over a significant period of time. Anyone who doesn's believe AP was that hasn't been paying attention. There were few other pithcers over the last 16 years who you could count on for a good outing at crunch time. AP was surely among the best - see 100 wins over .500. He gets my vote anyday.

  • rhyle1 - 11 years ago

    rings are overrated - it's the luck of being on a team with 25 others - it's called TEAMWORK. Like Maddox, Schilling, Martinez, or a Big Unit wouldn't have had 4 or 5 rings if they were with they Yanks in their prime? And they were DOMINANT pitchers of the era. You think the devoted born-again steroid user would have 5 rings if his career was with say the Braves or Cubs or Pirates?

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  • TODD - 11 years ago

    Where do these myths come from? Andy's career ERA was 3.88. Not Hall worthy. His career playoff ERA was 3.83. So no he was not a dynamite playoff pitcher or even significantly better in the playoffs. Good pitchers who happened to play on great teams are not Hall of Famers.

  • yanksrule - 11 years ago

    yanks are in trouble. sox will destroy them in 2011.

  • jon - 11 years ago

    Above average pitcher on very good teams. Nothing merits a trip to the hall for Pettite. No Cy Youngs and an admitted juicer. Happy retirement Andy, don't be expecting any calls for golf from Roger.

  • bagels - 11 years ago

    the hall is supposed to be for those who DOMINATED in their time. andy was good,but for crying out loud, he never even won a cy young award.

  • Big Al - 11 years ago

    yes, petitte holds the record for most postseason wins but how many extra post-season games are played now?, petitte doesn't belong in HOF...played for teams that gave him great run support...if he played for say the Royals and had the same regular season numbers, HOF wouldn't even be discussed

  • RayV - 11 years ago

    David Gurney,

    HAHA, if you are trying to upset Yankee fans, sorry, no luck, if you are trying to sound like an idiot...BINGO, you succeeded.

    Jeter, in the hall is not even debatable.

  • David Gurney - 11 years ago

    The question really should be:Does Derek Jeter belong in the Hall of Fame?Retrosheet even lists Phil Rizzuto's career as being better than Jeter's.

  • get real - 11 years ago

    how does a above average regular season pitcher get into the hall of fame?.....playoffs?....yes andy was awesome in the playoffs, but he does not get in especially since he is a CHEATER

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