What is your preferred interpretation of Genesis 1? (Poll Closed)

  • Young Earth -- Six consecutive 24-hour days 6000-20000 years ago.
    19 votes

  • Old Earth -- Not committed to any one particular Biblical interpretation.
    30 votes

  • Old Earth -- Day Age or Progressive Creation: Each day in Genesis One represents a long period of time.
    22 votes

  • Old Earth -- Gap Theory: There is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, with most of the chapter describing a re-creation of the land in preparation for humans.
    5 votes

  • Old Earth -- Analogical Days: Days are God's work days, analogous to but not identical with our work days.
    21 votes

  • Old Earth -- Framework Hypothesis: Genesis One is a poetic figure arranged topically rather than chronologically.
    26 votes

  • Old Earth -- Revelatory Day Interpretation: God revealed the events of creation over a six-day period to Moses (or some earlier person).
    5 votes

  • Old Earth -- Cosmic Temple Inauguration: The cultural context of Genesis One points to it being arranged as a liturgical inauguration of the land as God's temple.
    11 votes

  • Liberal Christian -- God was communicating spiritual truths in Genesis One, but the Bible contains errors.
    9 votes

  • Other -- Some other Christian interpretation.
    5 votes

  • Myth -- Genesis One is a myth and has no relevance to the true origin of the universe, Earth, life, and humanity.
    308 votes


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