Do you own a SSD?

  • Will - 10 years ago

    Had a SSD - the famous Intel X25-M. Worked wonders under Windows 7.

    Now just tried a Seagate Momentus XD hybrid hard disk. All my timings place it just as fast as the X25-M. So I'm sticking with the hybrid drive (500Gb instead of 80Gb) and selling the SSD on eBay.

    Pure SSD drives are so 2010 technology!

  • prustage - 10 years ago

    You can get a 2TB HDD for less than $100 - when SSD offers that much storage for that much cash I will get one straight away.

  • C - 10 years ago

    Here's the deal. One can now get 10k rpm sata drives for fairly cheap. I have three on my system, a 150 for the main with windows 7, and two 1TB backups. Even a 60GB SSD is well over 150 or around there, way too expensive currently especially if you're doing a new build and are on a budget, the majority of your cash should go to mobo and video card, not to mention good ram and monitors. If you feel you need one just get a smaller SSD for your OS and programs and stick with the sata drives for backup. Yes the SSD's are super fast but the value/performance-size ratio is just not good enough yet to commit. Give it a year and prices will drop nearly in half. It's all about where you want to put your money if you're not rich like the majority of us, I chose to invest in my video ie-video cards and monitors.

  • Andrew Bell - 10 years ago

    Ive had three SSD`s faster with each model and larger in size I now find any computer without SOOOOO SLOOOOW I Own a OCZ REVO 120GB

  • ssd - 10 years ago

    SSDs are so damn fast, I have a custom one with one TB.

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