What's the best 8 bit computer?

  • Hugh - 5 years ago

    The best 8 bit computer must be the Commodore 64
    I had over 300 games for it back in the day
    And made a few games in basic to

    I first owned a Commodore Vic 20 then a Commodore 64 then went to the Commodore
    Amiga 500 Plus and 1200

    I Now Own:
    1x Commodore Vic 20 and its Box
    1x Commodore Vic 20
    1x Commodore 16 and its Box
    1x Commodore 64
    1x Commodore 64c
    1x Commodore 64c and its Box
    1x Commodore 128
    1x Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
    1x Commodore 1541c Disk Drive (it does not work)
    3x Commodore 1541 II Disk Drive
    2x Commodore Amiga 500 rom 1.3
    1x Commodore Amiga 500 Plus rom 2.04 37.175
    1x Commodore Amiga 600 with rom 2.05 37.299
    1x Commodore Amiga 600 with rom 2.05 37.300
    1x Commodore Amiga 600 with rom 2.05 37.350
    1x Commodore Amiga 600 Box
    1x Commodore Amiga 1200 with rom 3.0
    1x Commodore Amiga 1200 with rom 3.1
    1x Commodore Amiga 1200 Box
    1x Commodore Amiga 2000
    1x Commodore 1010 Amiga Floppy Drive
    2x Commodore 1011 Amiga Floppy Drive
    2x Commodore MPS 803 Black Printer
    1x Commodore MPS 802 Printer
    1x Commodore 1520 Printer / Ploter
    1x Commodore 1312 White & Black Paddles and its box
    1x Commodore Black & Gray Paddles and its box
    3x Commodore 1311 Joysticks
    2x Commodore 1342 Joysticks
    1x Commodore 1341 Joystick for C16 / Plus 4

    Commodore 64 Cartridges
    Wizard Of War
    Tooth Invaders
    Super Smash
    International Soccer
    Pinball Spectacular
    Omega Race
    Simons Basic
    Financial Advisor
    Magic Desk I

    Commodore Vic 20 Cartridges
    Vic-1211A Super Expander with 3K Ram Cartridge
    Vic-1212 Programmer's Aid Cartridge
    Vic-1904 Slot
    Vic-1908 Poker
    Vic-1910 Radar Ratrace
    Vic-1911 The Sky Is Falling
    Vic-1912 Mole Attack
    Vic-1913 Raid On Fort Knox
    Vic-1914 Adventure Land
    Vic-1922 Cosmic Cruncher
    Vic-1923 Gorf
    Vic-1924 Omega Race
    Vic-1931 Clowns
    Vic-1938 Tooth Invaders

    I also have:
    1x Commodore 16
    2x Commodore Plus 4
    But they do not work

    So now I am after a working Commodore Plus 4

  • Lane - 5 years ago

    They're all awesome, but I have to go with the one I cut my teeth on - the Commodore 64.

  • Another Guy Named Scott - 6 years ago

    I chose the C64 because it's the one I used the most as a kid. The SIDchip was years ahead of it's time. I still listen to old SIDs in fact. I wasn't really overly impressed with Atari's computers UNTIL the 16 bit era, The Amstrad CPC would probably have been my second choice, the Speccy, my third

  • Scott - 6 years ago

    The Sam Coupe was very powerful compared to most other 8-bit micros and only the late MSX machines could stand up to it.

    I'm picking the Sam though. Great system but not enough games to be honest.

  • Dardo - 7 years ago

    An early 80`s 8 bit computer, Commodore 64 was way ahead of his time, having custom designed video, sound and I/O chips, not mention the thousands+ software tittles and applications, sprite programming and very interesting interrupt mapping, I have great memories about this computer and I don't personally like C64 simulators for PC, looking ahead to build my own 8 bit computer with more modern chips and not forgetting the old but glorious "Basic language", today's computer are very tech advance with no room for programming hobbyist enthusiastic to learn languages like C, the "Basic language" provided a fast path to put your ideas fast and easy, not happen anymore that way on this days.

  • SirPaul - 9 years ago

    This is a very tough question since, being an American, I only grew up with the Apple ][, the Commodore 64, the Atari 8-bit systems, and the Dragon 32/64 (known as the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer here).. Though, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can easily check the other systems out, and I can give my honest answer:

    All of them.

    Every 8-bit system on this list has its benefits, as they also have their drawbacks. Asking a computer junkie like me "What's the best 8-bit computer?" is like asking a parent of multiple children "Which one of your kids is your favorite?".

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