Are you aware that toxic waste (hydrofluosilicic acid) is put in our water and being labeled fluoride?

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  • Gloria - 13 years ago

    Back in the mid 1980's I began to research some startling information regarding the toxic waste known as fluoride. I have been appalled at our government dumping this into our drinking water and patting us on our heads telling us how good it is for our teeth.

    I have battled it on my own in certain situations but it's BIG business and represents billions of dollars for the companies that sell it to the states, dentists etc.

    The Lobby platform raised its ugly head in the early 1950's. Fluoride was introduced to the Senators, but they threw it out because those old boys were Cattlemen and farmers and knew that they used it as a "pesticide." 100% poison.

    This big lie was eventually pushed on the public after enough time went by due to that generation dying off. All about $$$$. Always is. Why else would the government be so interested in little Tommy's teeth? P.S. The Russians used Fluoride to keep their prisoners docile.

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