Converted non-believers?


  • aQaSoft - 1 year ago

    Yes, only a quarter of respondents of the initial poll answered to this one, and the results show a win on the side of snake_case. My guess? Those are the people that, surprised (or annoyed) by the results of the first poll read all the post through the end. Haha!

  • Justin - 2 years ago

    I prefer camel case for the purpose of typing. Underscores aren't really in that good of a location on the keyboard, and I am not the strongest typist. For a software engineer, I am probably on the slow end. I just find that when typing in camel case, I make use of the type of keys I would use for general purpose computing. The other keys I need most like ; and {} are within the main 3 rows. Going up to underscore is just not as natural for me. The readability might be a bit more natural with _ , but the difference is not enough that I really favor it over the typing drawbacks. Camel case is also the style I first learned in school, so I have a natural affinity towards it. I don't think the constants part is much of an issue; I like how they stand out more relative to camel case.

  • Michelle - 2 years ago

    You had me at constants - you can't camelCase an all caps now, can you? I do think typing_underscores_is_a_pain_though so I'm trying to get_used_to_them. Thanks for the research!

  • Code - 3 years ago

    Honestly, I was trained in camelCase but since I saw underscore_case I have been sold. camelCasing is more efficient on very shorter variables when it comes to my own experience. Sadly I do not work alone and might have to stick to it till everyone converts like some did on this article.

  • mario - 9 years ago

    Only a quarter of the respondents of the blog initial poll answered also this one. My guess why? They maybe said "whatever" - 20% of a fraction of a second doesn't really add to much, it's not like one will read identifiers the whole day long. First world problems :)

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