Do you agree with Bethenny on the public breastfeeding debate?
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  • Cody - 10 years ago

    I think this is ridiculous. Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing for mothers and their babies, and if stuck-up prudes don't like it, they can shut their mouths AND their eyes are nursing mothers.

    Women in other parts of the world laugh when they hear stories like this and wonder why people would care. It's a part of every day life everywhere, but for some reason, North Americans can't get it through their heads that breastfeeding is NORMAL and not disgusting or embarrassing.

    Grow up! And, show some respect for the mothers who are giving their children the best chance of healthy childhoods and the best form of nutrition a baby can receive.

    And to breastfeeding mothers, don't be ashamed of nursing in public. The next time someone throws you a dirty look, throw one back. People like that don't like to be challenged, and will think twice the next time they consider mocking nature.

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