Do you think that the Government/ Google are hiding something?


  • Sarabeth - 12 years ago

    Okay, so it could be a glitch in the camera or it could be that the government doesn't want us all to see something. So, if that's the case, what would that something be?
    Maybe an asteroid? Nibiru (Planet X)? Whatever it is.... it's big.

  • joplinconner - 12 years ago

    i seent that black spot too

  • Gadget - 12 years ago

    You have found a black spot on google sky. Gratz, man. That is unmistakable proof that you can fill in a literal blank with utter crazy.

  • fred - 12 years ago

    they will never tell u the truth until it is to late to save your lives do not trust the gov. they are liars

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