How do you feel about receiving lengthy comments on your posts?


  • Emmanuel N. Obudai - 12 years ago

    It is said that "if you do not know what to say we speak for a long time" I believe it is better to think about what you want to say and make it brief. And I like it when goes straight to the point.

  • Margaret west - 12 years ago

    Thanks for sharing .... Sorry, I'm joking. I just find it hard to get people to comment on my blog. Loads of followers but whets the point if no one comments. I basically do everything you've said, I enjoyed reading it. Very constructive.

  • mffanrodders - 12 years ago

    A very interesting post. Like email, i think that it's very easy to make comments that can be perceived wrongly and cause offense. Besides, isn't it just spam to post links to your own blog with no thought on the blog you're commenting on?

  • andres - 12 years ago

    Maturin42, Sandra Bell Kirchman, and i, hav tho say exactly the same feellin!
    and for the quest, i apreciatte if takes 2 or more pages, then put some link and
    say some comments with it.

  • partnerofapilot - 12 years ago

    I have had a post completely hijacked by the comments, to the extent that it seems to have become a forum in itself. To be honest though, I dont particularly mind. This is the link to it if you want to see what I mean. It was not a particularly lengthy post, but seemed to generate (and continues to generate) a lot of very emotive responses! To date, there are over 250 comments on there!

  • Julie - 12 years ago

    I love this topic and am glad that someone finally wrote about it! I will have to link this to my post today! lol

    Also, that is a GREAT question!

  • - 12 years ago

    I appreciated this post. I have a tendency to write novel sized comments, because I don't mind receiving them... and never considered that others don't enjoy the same! :-)

  • Veronica C. - 12 years ago

    I appreciate long, specific comments. If it's tooooo short, then I tend to get the impression that the reader either wasn't all that interested or didn't quite understand and absorb what was being said but again, as some of the previous posts mentioned, it needs to stay on target with the original post - whether long or short!

  • Lou Hartcourt - 12 years ago

    The lenght of a comment is not really that important as long as its content does inspire. Regardless of wheather there are suggestions or objections. Panta rei - our life is an ongoing learning experience.

  • Redge - 12 years ago

    Comment length hasn't been an issue typically. As long as the writer isn't rambling, length is discretionary.

  • Bruce - 12 years ago

    Although off topic, I also must agree with those who find small black (and grey) print on red background difficult to read.

  • Shinrin - 12 years ago

    I wish I'd get comments on my blog. But anyway, long comments are fine to me as long as its on topic, not mean & its broken up into paragraphs.

    Um, why is this poll page red with dark text, because its hard to read...

  • Vijay Valluri - 12 years ago

    Thanks. I have been following most of these tips already but there are others that are new. I am grateful. Your tips should stop possible goof ups.

  • Sandra Bell Kirchman - 12 years ago

    Honestky, although Maturin42 was a little confrontational, I have to agree with him. The red back with the really small black text is causing my eyes to hurt.

  • Sue - 12 years ago

    I believe in keeping the conversation in one place. So long comments as long as they are suitably paragraphed and punctuated, are welcome. It becomes too disjointed to have the conversation in several different locations.

  • Maturin42 - 12 years ago

    What really gets me steamed is polls that have dark red background and dark text. It gives me eyestrain trying to read it, so I usually give up.

  • Al Jones - 12 years ago

    Although i believe that everyone's comments should be appreciated and respected. I also believe that if they are tooooo long... then perhaps the blogger would have a far greater chance of attracting traffic be simply posting a summation of a much larger and detailed article posted on their blog, or website.

    Just my two cents...

    God Bless

  • KateMLey - 12 years ago

    Poll critique: lengthy is a relative term. Is two or three paragraphs lengthy, or is 16 paragraphs lengthy?
    A comment, detailed or not, should not exceed the length of the post. I think that's an obvious point, but it's a place to start. I'm open to thorough responses, and I hope that my posts engender a reaction from the readers. Blogging is all about the spread of ideas from untraditional sources so a hearty dialogue is ideal. I say bring it on until the point is made; no one like a rambler.

  • Joe Ogden - 12 years ago

    I like detailed information it helps people to find what there looking for in most cases.

  • Ayo - 12 years ago

    1. I take time to put up a post on my blog/site - I don't to take the pain to read no comment.
    2. Its easier to understand simple and plain words, so learn to do that.

  • Robyn Ruckel - 12 years ago

    I agree, this is a good question. I'm also new to blogging, just created my blog today, and I have all kinds of questions. I'm leaning towards a longer post and keeping the topic all in one place but that's my nature. I'm one of those tidy kinds of people. It'll be interesting to see what other people think. Thank you for the excellent article, by the way. Proper etiquette is something everyone needs to keep in mind.

  • Imran Hossain - 12 years ago

    The reasons I might appreciate some detailed comments is because, a lot of people, even though having the idea of what to say, they cant really summarize or narrow down what they want to write because of their poor writing skills. I basically prefer considering all such people and I think everyone should too.

    BTW, the question you have asked people to vote in is excellent. Well, I am new here (opened my blog about a week ago) and I am trying to socialize and spread out my posts. Once again, this is a very impressive question. Thanks a bunch.

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