I have used Lulu.com to publish my writings and I was:


  • Martin Woodward - 6 years ago

    I am over the moon with Lulu. I have several books published with them and regularly receive monthly payments of £200 plus (increasing), which is a very nice addition to my pension (and I get more from Kindle too).

    My advice is to keep the prices as low as you can in order to generate sales. You have complete control over this, but greed will get you nowhere.

    I have to say that all of my books are instruction books (mainly music and driving) rather than fiction, so this no doubt helps with the income. Had they been novels I doubt that I would be making anything!

    I did try the conventional publishing route about 40 years ago and am still waiting!

    But I can assure everyone that Lulu is a good honest company and do exactly what they say they'll do and very well.

  • Joan - 12 years ago

    Well said evaluation of Lulu.com. I have self published 2 books with Lulu & been very happy with the results, too. I admire that you set your royalties at zero in favor of getting your books into the hands of readers. What a great idea! This is really what all self-published authors want - to be read. Thank you.

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