"Love" Finalists: Pick the Winner!

  • Kris Roberts - 9 years ago

    meaningful pic

  • Angie - 9 years ago

    #9 blew me away! A candid moment caught in perfection! The tear in the girl's eye caused a tear in my own!

  • Dana - 9 years ago

    #9 is amazing...captured at just the right second.

  • Laura - 9 years ago

    #9 caused instant hysterical crying. How could I not pick it?

  • Angela - 9 years ago

    They are all wonderful, but when that gal in the wedding dress kissed the top of her granddaddys head, well how sweet is that !

  • Ruth - 9 years ago

    I had to pick #9. It makes me cry every time I see it. There is so much emotion and love in that shot.

  • sue - 9 years ago

    I voted for #2 .. it had that wonderful feel of comfortable love...love that is aware at all times of the other. All the photos are wonderful photos but this portrayed true love to me

  • Christina - 9 years ago

    Number 9 brought tears to my eyes!! Wow... what a capture!!!

  • Erin J. - 9 years ago

    Good grief, people, just kill me...these are all so amazing it's impossible to choose!!

  • karen - 9 years ago

    such love

  • MeganK - 9 years ago

    There were so many amazing shots it was hard to choose. My two favorites were Number 5 and the one in Group 2 by Janet’s Daughter of the man and woman going through chemo. Seeing those two back to back made me cry. So touching and beautiful.

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    Gosh!!Hard to pick just one. Gorgeous photos.....makes the heart happy!

  • SavoredLife - 9 years ago

    It's love that's conquered all...

    After all the CRAP that's been thrown at them over the course of life. Side by side. Partners.

    I Love this photo.

  • ALison - 9 years ago

    All are lovely, but #9 brought me to tears. I love it.

  • Melissa R - 9 years ago

    I love 16 but I wish I could see her eye. I think the hand is covering up a bit too much.
    I picked 9. I love love love it.

  • MC Howard - 9 years ago

    #9 is wonderful. Catching the tear in the little girl's eye is breath-taking.

  • how, oh, how can we be forced to choose? they were all phenom, but I chose the one that made me cry (in a good way).

  • gordie - 9 years ago

    I found it next to impossible to choose just one - I went ahead and voted for the one that first caught my eye.

    All the photos are fablous.

  • DianeKay - 9 years ago

    This one hurts even to look at - I have a son (with family) in the military!

  • nancy wells - 9 years ago

    Absolutely no way to pick a winner!!! All of these tell their story beautifully. Its up to y ou.

  • Jody - 9 years ago

    Number 5 - I can barely look at this one, it hurts too much! So beautiful.

  • Carolyn Crovella - 9 years ago

    Was hard to pick just one! This one so sweet!

  • Christine - 9 years ago

    #5.... being a new grandma myself and the wonderful relationship I had with my grandmother, this one reached out and grabbed my heart! I loved all of them, but #5 had me at first glance.

  • Marianne - 9 years ago

    So hard to choose, but this one is super sweet!

  • Kirstin - 9 years ago

    I have leaky eyes from these pics! They were all fabulous!

  • tracy - 9 years ago

    hard to pick...but this one brought the tears so it must be my choice.
    his expression is priceless.
    i love how he is holding her arm.
    such a tender, true moment.

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    It was really hard to pick just one...they're all just wonderful!

  • Beret - 9 years ago

    This one makes me tear up every time. The smile on his face..oh...

  • tammy n - 9 years ago

    too Cute!!♥

  • mrshiggison - 9 years ago

    Gorgeous shot of what really brings the generations together: love.

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