Pick something from Bon Appetit! (Poll Closed)

  • Bacon/Date Scones
    37 votes

  • Argentine Chimichurri
    68 votes

  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin
    39 votes

  • Rigatoni with Eggplant and Pine Nuts
    62 votes

  • Pimento Mac and Cheese
    32 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • Maggie - 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday! I just realized that you're the same age as me (I'll be 28 soon)! Your level of maturity (marriage, equipped kitchen, vehicle ownership, cross-country househunting, magazine subscriptions etc) is putting my immaturity (single, poorly equipped kitchen, no car, soon moving to shanghai on a whim, can't even find my mailbox key) into sharp relief. Anyway, make chimmichurri! that stuff is the best!!!

  • Billie - 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Nick!! Hope you have a wonderful one, and be sure to cook yourself something really special!

  • Jason Sandeman - 8 years ago

    Happy birthday Nick! I have read through the whole Bon Appetit myself, so it's interesting to see what you will make!
    As you get older, birthdays aren't all that big a deal. My 35th is coming up here soon! (yippie!)

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