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  • Cheryl - 9 years ago

    Adorable yes. Entertaining and connecting with the audience is what makes him captivating and successful. In marketing we not only have to think of the features of our product I.e. Quality, size,or things like extra pockets on a handmade purse but also need to think about the benefits to the customer. Benefits are the little extras we add that create a relationship with our customer. Often we only have a short window of opportunity. Entertainment is one way to engage the customer to explore your product more. If we are entertaining in our sales process then we have added extra value for the customer. It doesn't always have to be humor either. I can't tell a joke to save my life but I can instill passion in my story telling. If we have a story to tell such as why we created this painting or sculpture etc then we have added more value and enticed the person The more engaging the story the more value we have added to the product. It's about building relationships with our customers Don't you love a good story or to be entertained?
    I do.

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