What Should We Name New Left-Wing Violence Tracking Website


  • designczar - 13 years ago

    I was thinking "Civility Central" but I tried to enter it in the "Other" text box...nothin' doin'. LOL

    A lot of good names though. I think my favorite of the existing ones would be "Progressive Thuggery" - people need to start seeing the word "progressive" (a moniker chosen, I think, because it has a positive connotation - who doesn't want to "progress", you know?) connected with who these people really are.

  • TaterSalad - 13 years ago

    Public Sector Unions to the American Taxpayers:

    "Sorry you have to pay out of your own wages each week for your own retirement (401k), but brother, could you dig a little deeper in your wallet and keep funding my pension also. I have a second home that needs some work done on it before I retire at 55 years of age!" Keep up the good fight and support your local Public Union Worker.....and his benefits!

    How can a Union member get his Union dues refund?


    Right to Work states statistics:


  • jetstream - 13 years ago

    Very creative ideas Matt!

    Good names already suggested above, but for fun I gots two more:
    Goonion Organizer

  • Nice Deb - 13 years ago

    Since it's not taking the suggestions, just write them down, here. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Matt - 13 years ago

    Excellent idea!.......A one stop repository of the left's finest contributions.....about how NOT to conduct oneself.

    Runners up:
    1. Left Exposure
    2. Left Wing Institute for Civil Discourse
    3. Defining Liberalism

    1st Suggestion: Can you/collaborator create a 'branding' wallpaper in 'background' of winning title with the alternates? i.e. they are all winners...they all help connect the first time visitor to your site....some subtitle will mean more to one person than another....and it allows you to subtlety add new words or expressions in future.....because the Left has a way of trying to reinvent their camouflage...

    2nd Suggestion: A famous quote as a touchstone for site....

    a. Someone from 'left', who would be difficult for them to critique.

    "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise!"
    — Maya Angelou

    b. Founding fathers quote?
    (along lines of hypocrisy and not walking their talk?)

    Just FYI:
    I could not enter any alternate idea in "other". Using Firefox 3.6 browser.
    Do As I say, Not at I do
    Hypocrisy Defined
    This is Hypocrisy
    Do want to follow them?
    Is this YOU?
    YOU are better than **this** (Italics)

    Thanks for allowing comments....

    Good Job!!

  • Keith in Seattle - 13 years ago

    I wish this could happen here in Seattle, we need to shut down the public sector unions here. Just the teachers alone have WAY too much power. They strike every year and claim it's for the cheeeelllldddrrrruuuunn. But then when we tell them if it is indeed for them then they need to take the wage increase off the table and at that point they stop all negotiations.

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