Based on guidelines for Archdiocesan Finance Council membership, do Jack Connors' public actions and political advocacy disqualify him?


  • bathroom vanities - 6 years ago

    With thanks! It a wonderful web site!

  • anna - 13 years ago


    good one. what a hoot.

    i assure u, the wild guesses at 66 brooks drive are as close to knowing who is behind the blog as they are knowing who kidnapped the lindberg baby.


  • Jordan - 13 years ago

    This website is getting weird. People know who is behind it. You will be exposed SOON.

  • Theresa DeSimone - 13 years ago

    When the Arcdiocese of Boston returns to the Holy Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, then and only then will we see the likes of Mr Connors and his cronies put out to graze in the secular pasture they so worship.

  • j materazzo - 13 years ago

    Connors appears to be serving two masters.
    How can he love both when they are at opposites?
    Time to cut anchor and allow him to serve where his heart is.

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