Do you like Kim Kardashian's new track?

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • laquisha - 8 years ago

    She sounds like an older version of Rebecca Black!!!

  • Jaclyn - 8 years ago

    You may be beautiful but signing is not your thing your voice misses the beat and goes outta tune/tone practically the whole time maybe a vocal coach would be helpful then maybe you would be a better signer... Sorry :(... Still think ur amazing though!

  • Modem_Express - 8 years ago

    This is a perfect example of abusing Auto-tune.

  • Honey - 9 years ago

    Production team did a good job working with Kim's voice using effects and autotune (maybe overdoing that part) and producing an OK song. Unfortunately, it was repetitive and lackluster therefore becoming boring. Yes, everyone knows Kim is NOT a singer I'm sure even she would fully admit it - she's nasally and is not naturally gifted to sing ... BUT... she gave it a go and had fun doin' it. That is the main point right there. Overall - I would not buy the single - but I'm sure hundreds would JUST 'coz its Kim... which is why they asked her to lend her vocals to this project.

  • Yadira - 9 years ago

    I love Kim!! It needed more hard core, in order to rock the house!! Her voice is to soft!

  • Colin - 9 years ago

    I just want to f#*% Kim , not listen to her "song"...

  • Ms.Real(If you are a fan of Kim feel free to skip) - 9 years ago

    I know she doing it for a good cause and everything, but I only support her for the cause and thats about it. She can't sing for s hit! But she is definitely beautiful I can give her that.
    To her little fans, you can attack me but who cares cause the only excuses you guys are gonna use is " you are jealous" or "you are a hater" nope not at all just answering the poll question. Other than that, she needs to drop the mic and find another way to help out charities....

  • sb - 9 years ago

    she is completely talentless in everything she does. why is she even famous??

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