What Should the U.S. Do With the VH-71 Fleet?

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • Milton - 8 years ago

    We have to be careful that too much information about presidential security and travel vehicles end up in the wrong hands. We can build presidential support aircraft as needed without having to modify them due to emerging technology. Other agency chiefs should be afforded elevated equipment given security issues of today. How about those SEALS, Homeland Security, and DEA? Enhanced lift and personnel capability are force multipliers in any transnational efforts. Improved command suites can be added to plus-up operational control.

  • David - 8 years ago

    Why not Sell them to Canada? The maintenance costs alone for such an orphan fleet will most likely outweigh the potential benefits of having 9 highly mobile helicopters, there are cheaper alternatives available for a multi purpose helicopter. The Canadians are in the midst of setting up the logistical support for their fleet of CH-148 and have been a consistent ally of the United-States.The Pentagon is able to re-coup some if not most of the costs of this now cancelled helicopter and the Canadian Forces is able to augment its helicopter fleet (that after all, will eventually help support some aspect of a NATO mission).
    Seems like a win win to me!

  • pedestrian - 9 years ago

    I have no problem for these to be handed over to other agencies. The question is what replacement will be provided as Marine One. I believe V-22 tilt rotor or Sikorsky X2 based helicopter would be a good choice. Maintenance cost may be an issue, but will provide high mobility and space for fast response in emergency. It will also be an icon to show advanced technology and air superiority of the US, having diplomatic message to foreign countries that US has advantage in military grade technology and not to challenge US interests. It will also improve the image of tilt rotor long criticized for accidents, and contribute to sales of US made tilt rotors throughout the world. Several more Ospreys to be built will also increase the productivity and lower the cost per Osprey.

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