If Romney Is The Nominee How Will You Vote?

  • Penny - 10 years ago

    I am totally committed to Sarah Palin and her view of what needs to be done to save our nation.
    It will be the death of our nation if she is not elected.

  • Ellis Phillips - 10 years ago

    I cannot understand why there are so many blind people when it comes to Sarah Palin. She is my choice for president and has been since she was nominated for vice president in 2008. Everything about here is perfect for the position of president and the leader of our country. Go Sarah, and let's spread the word that she is the only viable candidate. I just hope the Republicans don't flood the ticket with other names.

  • Madisom - 10 years ago

    No..I will not vote for Romney !!! He can take his Romneycare he did in Mass and shove it.He forced and shoved down the people's throats just as Obama did to the rest of America. It was a test drive for Romney for the next to finish it off like Obama did... Romney is evil and a Rhino.!

    I will write Sarah Palin in that's for sure .. NO ONE HAS THE GUTS IN THE GOP'S OR DNC OR WASHINGTON AS SARAH PALIN HAS !

    RUN SARAH RUN 2012

  • Margaret in Austin - 10 years ago

    How many presidential election cycles do we have to endure with Mitt Romney as the projected head of the ticket. He'll never win the GOP endorsement with Romneycare hanging like an albatross around his neck.

  • Maring B. Swart - 10 years ago

    No one likes to have anything shoved down their throat. I will vote believe me and if this ganging up occurs then they will lose votes. I'm ready to say don't worry about the mule going blind just load the wagon.

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