Should French Reporter Be Forced to March Nude?

  • Norman Hartmann - 4 years ago

    I wonder why this poll is open nearly 7 years ago and la femme souffrait poëtiquement le châtiment. It was lucky that she was not whipped naked in a dungeon where no one would have heard her moans as the 10 blows, one each to appeal to the brother, rendered her in torment. Of course, this sadistic subdue ment is reserved usually to helpless and mostly innocent children across about all the world except Sweden and Tonga, and particularly in schools. As participant and witness of this numerously, I get desire to punish certain “adults” so as comparatively well suited for not so simple offenses, but naked detention as official retaliation by law directly as typical of Israel, Singapore and Syria, indirectly, of Bulgaria and KOREA and USA should not be preferred by gracious world leaders. Now, abstract “justice”
    of a sort of “neige juge” for retribution or reconciliation of disputed assaults without legal intervention would not be that unusual to not imagine.

  • razzy - 8 years ago

    They should not only parade her naked, but also have people fondle her breasts/butt....then spank her in the diaper position so everyone gets a good look at her spread open twat! Haha I would PAY to see that

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    In my opinion, the reporter took a picture of the woman's nude breasts and showed it off in a tabloid. It is only fair that she should be made to be nude as well in public. If she wants to cry that this is against human rights then perhaps she should have had compassion for the woman. There are places people can go to tan nude, however it is never right to take pictures of someone in that state without permission. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. As the saying goes, walk a mile in their shoes.

  • Malik Mauzam - 11 years ago

    the intention of French journalist was wicket to print the pictures in the newspaper and made a story, when trial will be over same will be happened to the journalist, tit for tat, no heart feeling.

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