Is James Durbin the next winner of American Idol?


  • nicole - 12 years ago

    I like James Durbin and keep it up.

  • Jim - 12 years ago

    Ia'm from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on the east coast of Canada.Keep it up man you have a great voice, we in newfoundland cheer you on.

  • Katherine - 12 years ago

    You are a bright light in a dark world. Hang in there and keep sharing your voice and your spirit with the world.

  • SuzyB - 12 years ago

    James: I'm hoping to be able to buy an album by you soon! You are doing so great and getting better and better each time. I may be a baby boomer but we have tons of money to buy tons of CDs by you Bud!! Good Luck

  • lame idol - 12 years ago

    AI sucks and so do you James!!!

  • rebecca - 12 years ago

    We Love You JAMES, Your vocals are awesome

  • Shayna - 12 years ago

    Jame's you're amazing dude, you blow my mind every week. I got a lot of people pulling for you out here in Colorado!! Good lucky brother.

  • Sean - 12 years ago

    Great work James! I hope we were inspirational to you at PowerAuditions.Com - Can't wait for your endorsement!

  • Debi - 12 years ago

    Exposure!!!!!!!!! That is what he needed and got :) I saw him sing "Pieces of my Heart", Janis Joplin and you would have thought she was on the stage :0 He had so much power in his voice!

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