Is '' obviously a web address, or does it need 'www.' in front of it?

  • Roy Bayfield - 10 years ago

    How about 'Visit our Worldwide Web Site on the information superhighway using hypertext protocol by typing the following characters into your personal computer:' as the standard prefix?

  • Andy Davies - 10 years ago

    I think Iceland foods lorries still have on the side. Always looked like a web address to me, but never went there until 5 minutes ago.

  • Sam - 10 years ago

    If it is for display use (i.e. anything that a person rather than a computer will read) then it needn't have the www. or any other prefix. If people can't realise that it is a web address they will probably have bigger problems with using a website.

    The less meaningless (to people) code/protocol junk the better.

  • Paul Freeman - 10 years ago

    If it was needed to be clearer, I'd add to the text http://edge... rather then www.edge...

    Also, while people who don't look at sites might find it a little less obvious, I would expect this metric to be improved by the fact most people looking at the link will be exposed to many links, so more used to that been a web domain then the "general public".

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