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  • Peter Shaw - 9 years ago

    Hang in there, Justin. You're a great artist and storyteller, and your re-runs are better than a lot of new offerings from others.

    As Tom said earlier, do what you can until you are able to do everything you want. (A good maxim for life, come to think of it.) We'll stick with you regardless. Best wishes!

  • Sylvia - 9 years ago

    RL said everything I would have said, so whatever the final vote decides is fine with me ;-) I only discovered the wonderful world of Mythtickle about a month ago by way of a link posted in alt.callahans, and immediately went to the start and read straight through in about two weeks. Pure delight! I've been telling friends about it. Take your time, even if you have to rerun an additional story line - I'll keep reading ;-)

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Robert Little's comment, the first one here, strikes me as having said it all. But all the comments say what is in my heart: your strip is magnificent, I look forward to your 3x/week genius. You could, if you wanted, start over from day one and re-post everything you've ever done with MythTickle and I'd be delighted.

    Do what you can until you are able to do everything you want.

  • Rose - 9 years ago


    I agree with just about everything everyone is saying. I haven't seen either one so I'm sure I would enjoy either immensly. I also want to compliment you on your work.

    You recently had a strip of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf sitting down together to eat lunch while a poverty-stricken Grandma waited on her, wondering what happened to her. The comments showed how powerful your work can be, how it can touch each one of us. You had commented that the creator of Pearls Before Swine, Steve Pastis? would have gotten a laugh. Justin, he doesn't have the ability to touch people like you do. To give up doing this strip would be a crime. I, personally, wish you could do this strip full time. You have the talent and the drive. I think it's a shame that you haven't been nationally recognized. You're better than Steve ever thought of being.

    Take the time off that you need to get things back on track. Everyone has personal and family needs that they must see to. But DON'T give up this strip! I'd feel like I'd lost an entire gang of best friends if you did.

  • Jim - 9 years ago

    Mythtickle is a masterpiece of comic art- witty, intelligent, and very funny. The classic strips are as welcome as the new ones. Best wishes to you in your new reponsibilities, and if Mythtickle eventually bites the dust I'm confident that your future work will continue to amuse and amaze!

  • SteveC - 9 years ago

    Justin,Do what you have to do,hopefully one day you'll get mythtickle to a place where it will pay your bills.In the mean time ,as I came in only a couple of years back, there are many I have not seen so I don't mind classic mythtickle,re-run the bees ,just don't not run.

  • Roger - 9 years ago

    I would not care if you reran BOTH earlier strips, since I would rather you had time to restore creative juices... take as long as you need to regroup, man! Run both strips consecutively, for a long break, since I think most people who read your remarkable comic would enjoy both reruns equally.
    Regards, Roger

  • BonnaMettie - 9 years ago

    As I've said before, I love the classics. Sometimes advancing altzheimers can be a blessing.(wink). Hope things ease up for you soon.

  • FloridaMatt - 9 years ago

    My vote's for you digging back into the archives. We all change over time, so don't wince at some of your earlier work, but instead be proud of what you did back then -- it's exactly what led you to where you are today. Perhaps you're not there yet, but there's a point in time when looking at your childhood photos results in "heh" instead of "eeuw".

  • tom dougherty - 9 years ago

    as i stated in my vote that either of your selections would be totally acceptable as i enjoy your work and art so much. just one caveat, don't give up on the toon completely, at my age i could not accept another disapointment (like the syfy channel canceling STARGATE UNIVERSE!!!) thanks, tom.

  • adina - 9 years ago

    i agree with everything RL wrote in spades! Just he said it better than I could.
    The strips are brilliant and lovely and multifaceted and multilayered and multitextured and i enjoy them so much. please take as much time as you need so that you are able eventually to return to creating new storylines.

  • Robert Little - 9 years ago


    I fell in love with Mythtickle the first time I saw it. I am continually amazed that you can turn out such quality, such detail, and such thoroughly developed characters, gags, and plot lines week after week.

    I don't mind the "classics" (reruns) because I always discover things that I missed the first time around. I will take reruns any day over the great emptiness that a day without Mythtickle would have.

    I hope that your increased responsibilities means a promotion (and bigger paycheck) and, if so, congratulations. I also hope that you will soon be able to return to a "normal" life (as normal as a cartoonist's life can be) and spend more time with your other loves -- family and Mythtickle.

    Good luck, and blessings be upon you always.

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