What would you like to see in Sopio Deck 2? (Poll Closed)

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  • MikeAndersonWA - 11 years ago

    So, after reading the comments on here, it's amazing to me that colored cards got the most votes, but I agree with the commenters, color cards would be lame... but I'd still play Sopio, because it's amazing.

    PS, I'm moving to LA soon, and I'm totally going to get a big ol' Sopio group going, so if you're in Hollywood and feel like a game of Sopio, hit me up! :D

  • patatoface - 11 years ago

    i personally think everyone who voted for colored cards has a different opinion to me.

    I play sopio with my mother ^_^

  • Tina-Nina Altendorfer - 11 years ago

    Colour cards would just ruin everything!!!

  • kelsey - 11 years ago

    MORE BLANK CARDS~! please?! we already used our two blank cards...
    Rocket Pack Jesus
    Dingle berries
    and boy can we think of so many more! :D

  • Will - 11 years ago

    The inclusion of blank cards makes Sopio that much more fun! Adding more of them could allow for all of the possible changes for Deck 2 to be in people's decks; if you wanted coloured cards, colour on your own blank cards! More effect cards? Make your own, duh. More positive points cards, you say? Well, you can tell where I'm going with this.

  • Tornroot - 11 years ago

    Please don't make coloured cards. As said before it would totally ruin the feel of the game, but I can't vote for "No coloured cards". I would rather have more fun effect cards.

  • Bec - 11 years ago

    Just reading the comments and find it quite funny that even though coloured cards appear to be winning the votes, every comment underneath wants them to stay black and white! lol I went with more blanks but I quite like the idea above about having a seperate blank pack. :)

  • Lily - 11 years ago

    Mine arrived today! :D
    I agree with most other comments, a coloured deck would ruin the classic 'Sopio' feel that we have all come to know and love.
    But I like the idea of more effect cards, those are thunderously fun.

    P.S. My mum was very impressed with them.

  • Alex Cater - 11 years ago

    I voted for more blank cards, though I think you should just make a pack of like 50 blank cards to sell, and leave blank cards out of the next set.

  • MCSquared42 - 11 years ago

    Maybe if you made deck 2 available in colour and black and white. That way you could keep everyone happy. I personally would rather the cards stayed in black and white.

  • Zachaarr - 11 years ago

    As well as ruining the "theme" of Sopio, coloured cards would also make the cards look bad. On a patterned card like Uno or Cards, colour goes well, but as Sopio cards are stick-figures, colour would ruin them.
    I think more blank cards, because 2 really isn't enough. Also, I think Sopio 2 should be compatible with Sopio 1, so you can combine the decks to play with more cards/effects. If the back design or the frontal theme is changed, it would spoil playing with 2 editions at once.

  • Sawyer - 11 years ago

    I agree, coloured cards would just make the game "like lots of other card games" the point of Sopio is to be COMPLETELY unlike any other card game, that what make it so much enjoyable! (charlie reference) i think more affect cards would be good because it would make new and varied strategies more capable and it would make the game more interesting and new. and maybe 2 or so more blanks cause at the moment im adding in index cards as my new ideas keep popping up xD but whatever you do im still going to love the game! keep up the amazing, amazing work!

  • James - 11 years ago

    Coloured cards would be inconsistent. I think more effect cards, but particularly ones that allow you to play combos.

  • emilyful - 11 years ago

    More blank cards so we can make our own!!
    Also not colour because that would defeat the point of them.

  • K - 11 years ago

    colour cards would just ruin the whole idea man....don't do it alex....don't.....pwease?

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