Should Gilbert Gottfried's Japan jokes be a firing offense?


  • Anthony Angrywolf - 12 years ago

    Aflac, bring back Gilbert as the duck's voice!

  • Stephen Netherlain - 12 years ago

    Freedom of Speech does not extend to the workplace. As a paid representative of Aflec, Gottfried may say anything he wants, but if what he says is deemed offensive (and damning) to his employer (Aflec), the employee is subject to termination of his/her employment. Aflec was right to exercise its right to end its relationship with Gottfried over this incident.

    Nevermind that Gottfried just isn't funny....

  • Billio - 13 years ago

    What a puny little man....he is so insecure with his "burned out" career....that he has to stoop to monster status for jokes! Goodness gracious...he is so freaking loser...and inhumane....and downright evil! If the tables were turned....and it was him who was homeless and life being destroyed....he would have his hand out hoping that someone would have a heart for him....because he obviously HAS NO HEART! He is in desperate need of prayer, because he is a "LOST" soul!!

  • Keith - 13 years ago

    I'm surprised Afflack terminated him completely for the insensitive remarks. I mean, Gottfried's voice was a trademark for the company for over a decade. Although not condoning his actions, I thought something less drastic should of taken place rather than a complete termination. Perhaps a 1 month suspension without pay, an apology and help in the relief effort.

  • Anonymous - 13 years ago

    I think it's disgusting that people are making jokes on Japan or anywhere else in the world. They obviously don't understand what the people in Japan are going through and they should be ashamed for what they are doing. Why would you even think of making jokes on people who are not as fortunate as we are, they are so selfish and should be banned from doind what their doing. The jokes been made are not even funny and I don't know why people think they are so hilarious. It really annoys me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so offensice and is very upsetting. Death is not funny!!!! Would you like to lose all your family and suffer in those conditions, because i know i wouldn't!!!!!!!! Awful..... Just awful :(

  • CryoKid - 13 years ago

    He is what he is. A comic. He has apologized for his actions. We still have the freedom of speech iin this country no matter how tasteless. If people can publish records about molesting little children, killing cops, write books on how to kill a president.. Gimme a break with all this you can't say this and you can't say that.. And since when saying "the N Word" is not as bad as saying nigger.. this whold world is going to hell... I'll follow but I don't wanna lead..

  • MLL - 13 years ago

    His jokes are not even funny.
    Another stupid on earth

  • Gail Charity - 13 years ago

    I do find his comments very offensive, insensitive and he should be totally embarrassed and ready to make amends. I dont know if he should lose his job as he did not include his employer. However, his employer should repremand him in such a way that he has to do something for the Japanese people, Using his money and personal efforts. To show him the error of his ways.

  • Watson - 13 years ago

    The man is disabled He is a human cloaca. We need to give him a break.

  • Cant Tell - 13 years ago

    Wow, this is just utter stupidity. Why in the world would anyone make jokes about death? I wouldn't even joke about my enemies death. Gottfried is an idiot. He should be forced to loose all his money and donate it to Japan.

  • Tom Murray - 13 years ago

    I read 3 of them and they were extemely insensitive. I learned the hard way that one's 1st Amendment rights are often blocked at the company door, especially for spokesmen. What was Gottfried thinking?!?!?!?!?

  • Alien Perfume - 13 years ago

    Nothing at all funny about death. I would not even make jokes about my worst enemies deaths.

  • Dennis Connell - 13 years ago

    A stand-up comedian has a certain amount of "creative license" due to the fact that he/she is basically working for themselves. That license is pulled back when you are on the payroll of a major corporation that has a reputation to maintain.

  • Gilbert Gottfried - 13 years ago


    9/11 was a real blast. You could even say two.

  • Selagi - 13 years ago

    I hope he didnt make a damn comment about Sept 11 he should be ashamed of himself and should be sacked without pay and contribute all his pay toward Japan.Idiot like him should be living on the street and see how it feel when others making fun of him.

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