Which of these two shows do you most want to see renewed? (Poll Closed)

  • 'V'

  • 'Off the Map'

Poll posted 9 years ago.

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  • Betsy O'Connor - 8 years ago

    I rarely watch TV. But the one and only show that I did watch weekly is not coming back, I can't believe this. The characters are amazing. The drama, the suspension, the passion, the acting, all of this was so real on this show. Show's like "V" come on, that does not beat "Off the Map". I am so disappointed. I've been waiting with excitement for it's return. Did they make it to town? What happened to the orphan girl? What about the Coca farm people? The story line was so original. I have seen nothing this good since "Lost". Please come back!


  • Areti - 8 years ago

    V is the only show I watch on ABC and its the only show worth watching ! I love V ! I will never watch again ABC ig they don't renew the V !

  • Carrie gabble - 8 years ago

    Kamilah I love you!!! OTM is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! What she is said is so true, I love this show with intense passion and I would hate for it to suffer the same fate as shows like "Mr. Sunshine".... SAVE OFF THE MAP!! ;)

  • Dsve stankoskie - 8 years ago

    I aggree with Kamilah, she speaks the truth and her voice in this sounds passionate! Off The Map is the SHOW!! Keep it on!! NO CONTEST! "V" is cool, but that is a been-there-done-that type of show... so let's keep up with the movement and SAVE OFF THE MAP!!!

  • Kamilah Debnam - 8 years ago

    OFF THE MAP IS A PHENOMENAL SHOW!!! I am only 17 years of age and I love the knowledge that I've obtained from this SHOW!!! Shonda Rimes makes classics, huge hits; "Grey's Anatomy, "Private Practice" and "Off the Map"... I am a HUGE fan of her work since I first saw "Grey's Anatomy" when I was like 12 years old... Then I fell in LOVE!!! Since OTM came out I was attracted to it every Wednesday at Ten o'clock PT like a moth to a flame... Love the characters, the story line; the scenery is also just breath taking! This whole show is unconventional and not expected since every medical show in history (to my knowledge) has been in a Hospital or a clinic. But having a series depict the humanitarian act of a Doctors without borders type, it show humanity at its best, a dose of what this world needs, proper idols! This show is not just another vapid show about frivolous things. This show is meaningful and it should be saved from suffering the fate of shows that probably has no true, honest and REALISTIC value!
    This show makes me want to do Doctors w/o borders and change lives...

  • Abby - 8 years ago

    I love off the map and believe it should stay on because it is educational and much better than V. I think it just had a bad time slot so people didn't watch it. Off The Map shoud totaly stay on. I miss it already and it has only been a week with out it!

  • Tracy - 8 years ago

    Off the Map is a wonderful show!!!! Please keep it. I'm certain that if it had shown at an earlier time, the ratings would have been better. This is the only show I watch every week and I absolutely love it! Please bring it back for Season 2!

  • Cathy - 8 years ago

    I really enjoyed Off The Map. The scenery is amazing and the storylines are getting better esch week. As far as "V" goes, just another corny far-fetched show, which is no where near as good as the original. SO, please renew Off The Map!!!!!!!

  • amy - 8 years ago

    I love Off the Map! It better renew for another season. It is such an awesome show and I cant wait for season 2 so RENEW PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • jan - 8 years ago

    I was a big van of the original v series but the new serious has so many ridiculous implausibilities I get tired of watching it. Off the map gets better and better every week and you really get to know the characters and feel vested in them. off the map all the way.

  • Sam - 8 years ago

    off the map rocks

  • kaya - 8 years ago

    off the map is one of the best show out there

  • sara - 8 years ago

    off the map all the way

  • mary - 8 years ago

    off t map is amazing

  • Dale - 8 years ago

    Please do NOT cancel OTM! it's hot! the actors are hot - the plot is hot - its just catching it's groove - so NO TO CANCELLATION!

    as for "V" - c'mon - this last season! WOWOWOWOWOWOW! and we gotta see what happens next - i was literally shaking after watching the last episode!

    cmon ABC - FINALLY you have some shows WORTH WATCHIN!

  • Siobhan - 8 years ago

    V. It's pure Bliss

  • R - 8 years ago

    off the map is GREAT! its different from the ordinary doctor shows and takes to you the forest and shows us how real it is that they dont have docs out there. shows us new ways to save lives:)

  • otm - 8 years ago

    Pleaseeee vote for Off the Map!!!!!! It's much better :D

  • otm - 8 years ago

    Pleaseeee vote for Off the Map!!!!!! It's much better :D

  • Amanda - 8 years ago

    Elizabeth Mitchell's words: "I’d like to have a third season of V because I’m a sci-fi geek, and because I would like to see this battle actually get going. I’d like to see all of those things happen. I’d love to see more of what happens on the V ship. I would love to see more about how exactly our Fifth Column goes about it. And I would also love to see more humanity. I’d love to see more richness in our world, as to why it is that we’re so important to save."

  • Amanda - 8 years ago

    V's season finale ended with this huge cliffhanger, we totally need a season 3

  • Jose R - 8 years ago

    C'mon people! V has a very interesting argument, the season finale left a lot of loose ends in there to be continued as an exciting show, there's GOTTA be a Season 3, however I think that should be the last one

  • Aime - 8 years ago

    LOVE OTM!! If ABC cancels it, I hope another network picks it up and it destroys them in ratings during it's time slot. Will be a big mistake to cancel. Great show.

  • Amira - 9 years ago

    Off the map has to be renewed, the show has potentiel and cancelling it would be a waste for abc!

  • Luz - 9 years ago

    I loveeee. Off the map

  • ellen - 9 years ago

    THEY CAN'T CANCEL V!!! LOVE V- SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaya - 9 years ago

    V!!! It's very more better than Off the Map. V is the best!

  • DR - 9 years ago

    V!!! All the way, the best show on tv right now!!!

  • Kay - 9 years ago

    Off the map is a cool medical show and deserves to have more time!!!

  • Ch - 9 years ago

    V is the best... OTM is some thing else...

  • Katie spalding - 9 years ago

    Doesn't ABC know a good show when they see one?! OTM rocks. Please give it a chance,!!!

  • Raven goodall - 9 years ago

    I just luv OTM. V is boring!!!!!

  • Christy Moss - 9 years ago

    I hate V. oTM rocks!!!!!!

  • Tracy reed - 9 years ago

    OTM rocks. Better than V

  • Teresa reed - 9 years ago

    OTM rocks. V is not interesting!

  • Sonia - 9 years ago

    V is the only show I watch on ABC and its the only show worth watching on there if ABC does not have another season of V then I have no reason to tune into your station ABC.

    Aside from that I blame Lisa for Tylers death because she let her mother "sucker punch her"

  • Tina Raimondo - 9 years ago

    Wow – I have to say I am a fan of Both shows and don’t understand why they would be competing as they are on different nights. BUT OF Course OFF THE MAP WINS!!! OTM is the BEST SHOW since I have begum watching shows IT keeps your interest because of the EXCITEMENT and MEDICAL parts (like ER & Grey’s) BUT keeps your interest MORE with the CHARACTERS – the AWESOME Acting – THE ROMANCE the Intrigue (like Dallas & Knots LAnding).
    OFF THE MAP has everything anyone is looking for and there will be a STORYLINE for years to come.
    “V” on the other hand is a Great MINI-SERIES but has no potential to be a on-going program.
    OFF the MAP wins by Far!! And I have falling in Love with all the ACTORS & ACTRESSES and the EXTRAS!!! JASON WINSTON GEROGE is my FAV – how can WE Live without his Trials & Tribulations As a matter of fact – i would CRY – I would MISS all the CHARACTERS and their Lives.
    That HOUR goes by SO FAST – I am upset when it’s OVER and cannot wait until the next week.
    Love another CANADIAN xoxo

  • Donovan - 9 years ago

    First V(1984) was cancelled by surprise...its time to give the new V chance to continue "blissing" people!!

  • Kristy - 9 years ago

    I watch both Off the Map and V. If I had to choose which one I would prefer over the other. It's hands down V!!! I really hope they renew V! This is my all time FAVORITE show! Tuesday nights never comes fast enough for me! The finale was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat! I remember watching V as a child, and when it came back I was excited. I ordered the movie and the old series just to watch and to refresh my memory. I love that they brought some original cast members back from the original V. Jane Badler and Marc Singer are a great addition. Hopefully Joshua will bring back Diana, like they did with him when he was shot! I might be looking a little much into this but when "Lisa" killed Tyler I could have sworn I saw a vein beating in his neck, so maybe he's not dead? I just want to know when it's coming back so I can get my V fix!

  • Lisa - 9 years ago

    Off the Map is an AWESOME SHOW!!!! I believe the acting on this show is so natural !!!! Off The Map!!!!

  • Christine Marsh - 9 years ago

    I agree with you Rachel Joyner that Off the Map is definitely original and different. It's not like you're typical doctor shows. BOO to "V" YES, to OFF the Map!!!!

  • Betheny - 9 years ago

    The only thing better than V on tv right now is Fringe!!! OTM is boring!! Who's going to hook up with whom??? Blah blah.

  • Tangelia - 9 years ago

    Please we need votes for V~~~~~ This is the only show i watch on regular tv !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Joyner - 9 years ago

    Off The Map is a like a breath of fresh air when it comes to network TV. The writers/producers think outside of the box when it comes to medical emergencies ... the location gives the doctors a real challenge with their cases. The personalities of the characters are really beginning to develop ... and the characters all have depth. Not only does the show concentrate on the medical emergencies themselves, but it pulls in the emotional factor with the families/friends involved in the cases. The show also addresses real life issues such as childhood cancer ... what a great way to increase awareness about this atrocity! Off The Map is unrivaled in quality and creativity. Give it a chance, if you haven't already ... you will become addicted! Bonus: Jason George, who plays Dr. Otis Cole, is not only a good looking, incredible actor ... he really appreciates his fans and takes the time to talk to them and address their questions. He also makes it a point to increase awareness about hot topics such as childhood cancer.

  • Debbie - 9 years ago

    I disagree. I think Off the Map shows how valuable the rainforest is and explores many possibilities. I believe the cast is just now starting to really mesh together and find their groove. I usually like an alien type show, but V is just ridiculous..how many times can you watch teeth come out of a mouth. Off the Map is educational and humorous at the same time. Give them a chance, watch them grow!

  • Malinda - 9 years ago

    We need votes for V. This is the only show I watch on network television.

  • Chihaku - 9 years ago

    Let's get some votes in on V! :D

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    Off the Map is a horrible show! I am not saying that V is much better but at least I know the people are trying to be wooden and unemotional on V, they aren't human! On Off the Map...it is just bad acting!

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