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Here are 16 sweet signs spotted at BYU men's bball home games this season. Choose your favorite. The winner will be announced in <i>BYU Magazine.</i>

  • Physics says no . . . Jimmer says Yes!
    12 votes

  • Jimmer's in range when he gets off the bus!
    27 votes

  • Jimmer, will you marry my Grandma?
    9 votes

  • No . . . This is the place!!!
    4 votes

  • Jimmer was not born. He hatched from a basketball.
    15 votes

  • Jimmer Me Timbers
    17 votes

  • Jim-Jimmery-Jim-Jimmery-Jim-Jim-Jaroo
    38 votes

  • Jackson Hood robs the rich to feed Fredette!
    44 votes

  • I am off to see the Jimmer, the wonderful Jimmer of awes-ome
    6 votes

  • Don't expect a good night's sleep at this Marriott
    14 votes

  • 1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by Jimmer
    57 votes

  • Emery, you can steal me any day
    6 votes

  • Giant Jimmer head
    76 votes

  • Fredette about it!
    22 votes

  • Fredette and Romney • 2012
    10 votes

  • I made a different sign, but Emery stole it
    50 votes


Poll posted 9 years ago.

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  • Jenna Baker - 9 years ago

    My favorite was the one that said "Jimmer's off day = your career high"

  • Samantha Jarvis - 9 years ago

    my favorite one was at the BYU/Wofford game
    "C - Jimmer
    B - Jimmer
    S - Jimmer"

  • Danny Taylor - 9 years ago

    this one is the best:!/photo.php?fbid=829131606629&set=t.193308004&theater

  • Keith Despain - 9 years ago

    Out of Kristina's list, I vote for "Upstate NY changed the world. . . .again!"

  • Kirstina Hatch - 9 years ago

    These are great but you've also left out some really great signs like:
    "We've got the real King James!"
    "Jimmer was my first kiss"
    "3 a-day: Breakfast, Lunch and Jimmer!"
    "Jimmer's favorite shot, the 4-pointer"
    "No hospitalit at this Marriot"
    "Upstate NY changed the world....again!"
    "And Jimmer said; Let there be three's"
    "The 3-fold mission of Jimmer: Proclaim Dominance, Protect shots, Redeem BYU"

  • Harrison Snyder - 9 years ago

    Giant Jimmer Head wins. End of story. Go Cougars!

  • Sarah Rands - 9 years ago

    These are all so creative... but the Giant Jimmer Head is just plain awesome! The best part is seeing the students leave the Marriott with it! Love it!! :)

  • Emily Harper - 9 years ago

    "You got Jimmered" is my favorite saying forever.

  • Sinjin Roming - 9 years ago

    I really like the "Jackson Hood robs the rich to feed Fredette", and "Don't except a good night's sleep at this Marriott" was great, but the Giant Jimmer Head was always awesome to see at the games. That's why Big Jimmer gets my vote. Go Cougs! Beat those zags!

  • Shelby Daniel - 9 years ago

    I actually really liked the "Chuck Norris wears Jimmer Pajamas!" poster... :)

  • Megan O'Connell - 9 years ago

    JIMMER ME TIMBERS!!! That's hilarious. Vote!

  • Rylee Carling - 9 years ago

    I love all of these Jimmer signs! Go now to vote for your favorite!
    PS-Your favorite is Jimmer Me Timbers, just in case you forgot ;)

  • Ryan Lanning - 9 years ago

    These are all really good.

  • Kristie Hinckley - 9 years ago

    Vote for your favorite Jimmer Fredette sign!!

  • Brett Sherwood - 9 years ago

    Everyone vote for my roommates post. Jackson hood robs the rich to feed fredette. Thanks a bunch