Does our community discriminate against bisexuals?

  • Anonnymous - 9 years ago

    I don't understand the prejudice against bisexuals. I'm a gay man that believes that bisexuals are a valuable part of our community. I believe its a very secure thing to see a person who is not afraid to show that they like both genders. Really, I think its a breaking down of artificially socially constructed barriers that we as a society seem to place on ourselves and everyone. I really don't understand why other gay people dislike them. Plus, the bisexuals I know are really cool people who I think add a unique diversity to our community.

  • Greg Bowditch - 9 years ago

    Get real! Sexual diversity should not to be put again either in the too hard basket or into a straight jacket of gay conservatism. Fluidity in sexuality and not the hegemonial attitude of heterosexualism and the division with homosexually leaves bisexuality to our prejudices.

    Bisexuality is a fact of anthropology and historical research, and was the default sexuality in antiquity and into modern times, and is subject to no clear boundaries.

    When I came out I fell into the cracks. I never felt that I was gay. It is just a box of stereotypes. I was considered 'straight', 'gay' and/or 'bisexual', because I was a challenge to the gay stereotypes. Are you afraid of bisexuality as a state of sexual fluidity, or are you stuck like Dorian Grey or Peter Pan?

    We must see that sexuality, as I said above is fluid and putting together heterosexualism, homosexuality and bisexuality as three aspects of sexual diversity, not in ideological conflict, but overlapping realities.

    The gay community needs to think outside the box mentality and see through lateral and liberal thinking that sexual diversity, including, our brothers and sisters who are bisexual need our solidarity, and not our bigotry and ideological and archaic categorisations, that we also attach to our transgender/transsexual sisters and brothers.

    In solidarity with our bi-sexual sisters and brothers.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Ken Wildy - 9 years ago

    A persons gender option is not that common-place in conversation. 'Bissex' are not understood and need space. Some gays just dislike 'em. Like expresso or no sugar coffee.

    Do u eva ask ur mates at work if they fuk with guys? Most sex workers have greatest contsct with married guys who lv sex with other men. Some wives know/others don't.

    Yes bissex r part of every community as a demographic fact; so the above 8% are ignorant persons with respect I suggest.

    Your neighbour may be bissex and craves u! Or vis-versa? Think on it ok.
    3somes does let it come to the surface i.e. just whom has and get the most activity or gets fuked/ u or him and not her who may get to suk both of u and u fuk him and she blows him.
    Not all butts are virgin ok!

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