What is your preferred needle material?

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  • kristieinbc - 9 years ago

    First of all I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! About the needles- I voted for wood because my favourite thing to knit is socks and I use wooden double pointed needles most of the time for those. Most of my knitting on circulars is done with metal needles though, so I am a mixed bag.

  • KnitSteve - 9 years ago

    Interesting observations, thanks :) The cost aspect is definitely a major hurdle… I wasn’t aware of the problem of “wear and tear” :(

  • MayaB - 9 years ago

    There are so many answers to this question.

    If I could choose I would only knit with perfectly shaped plywood, like Knit Pro's needles.
    This is because I prefer wood as it puts less stress on your joints, on the other hand I can't afford to replace all my needles with plywood, and so I prefer to knit with bamboo because it share the same quality as wood considering my joints. Then again bamboo doesn't keep smooth over time and the needle points wear down, so when knitting something that requires really pointy needles I prefer my old metal ones...

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