Will You Pay to Access the New York Times Online?

  • Mike Darnell - 9 years ago

    As much as I appreciate the fact that creative work should, and must be rewarded, the reality is that train has left the station already...

    People create because they NEED to - it satisfies a deep and irresistible urge we all have, which pretty much guarantees THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BODY OF EXCELLENT FREE CONTENT online, serving as an alternative for all of us.

    The NY Times may be making a few more $$$ from the paywall, but they're denying themselves all the revenue they could be making from ads on their backlog. I'll assume that somebody worked out that, despite the lost ad revenue, this is still financially a better deal...

  • Jean - 10 years ago

    Apparently most people in this wired world believe we live in an information welfare state, where we are owed high quality, carefully fact-checked and well written news for free. If this is the case, why shouldn't we get our groceries, clothes, homes, cars, vacations and lawncare for free, too?

  • crumple - 10 years ago

    I thought at first this was a hoax of some sort. If I wanted to pay for a nice heaping dose of antiquated Liberal philosophy, I would purchase all of Jimmy Carter's news conferences on 8-track.

  • Robert - 10 years ago

    Bawhahaha! Seriously, is this an early Aprils Fool joke? There are more than enough quality free news sources on the web. And $15.00/month?!?

  • Aaron - 10 years ago

    I already signed up even though you don't have to yet. I appreciate NYTimes and would've paid for it for a while.

  • pb - 10 years ago

    The price they want for web access is about the same as I was paying for home delivery just a few years ago. There is no economic logic to that.

  • M - 10 years ago

    The NYTimes is but one of many sources available so there is no need to pay for stories that are duplicated throughout the news space. NYTimes specific coverage isn't unique in a way that I would be compelled to pony up the dollars.

  • Pian - 10 years ago

    You shouldn't have to pay to keep yourself informed. PERIOD.

  • Laurie - 10 years ago

    I subscribed to the UK Guardian @ $6.99 Euros a year. $15/month is far too much when there are so many other free sources. I would pay under $5/month to access it - while prices online for apps and content is falling all the time it's still possible to run up a pretty big bill when all those nickels are aggregated.

    Why don't the big papers do an all-access pass and a combined reader? THAT I would be interested in - the comparison of news from a variety of sources from the same menu!

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