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Posted 8 years.


  • Lars Maxfield - 8 years ago

    I noticed this right after downloading the new update this weekend. I had postponed both the iPod and iTunes updates for some time and I finally go around to it.

    Once downloaded, however, my iPod's battery turned to shit. Absolute shit.

    It will drain 50% in only half an hour, and that's just with me listening to music with ALL applications turned off, including WiFi, "Push", and BlueTooth.

    And the fact that my iPod is only four monthes old bugs the hell out of me.

    I'm wondering if there's anyway to to revert back to the factory settings, basically going to pre-4.3 bullshit.

    But good thing I found this article before calling up Apple and sending my iPod in for a replacement battery, now I will wait for an update >:D

  • Charlie Edwards - 8 years ago

    iPhone 4 user. Don't use the personal hotspot and leaving the phone off for extended periods of time @Todd, didn't help me. Still experiencing major battery drain. I've been using 4.3 since day 1 and I only use WiFi. I even tried turning off the 3G, but that only somewhat helped. Not sure, what's going on. Maybe better luck with 4.3.1 will fix this issue. This issue seems to be worse on my wife's 3GS. She was just hospitalized for a few days and it was difficult to keep a long charge. And because of the placement of their outlets it was hard to use while charging. The hospital finally got her access to the WiFi so that allowed us to turn off the 3G and this process really made a significant difference. So really all this did was put the iPhone 3GS WiFi, 3G turned off, on par with the iPhone 4's battery life. All this was just normal web browsing, no video streaming, no image uploading or editing, no game play and nothing else was loaded in the multitasking bar. Just Safari. The good news is the surgery was perfect.

  • Herbi - 8 years ago

    @ Chee Yi: right! I miss that one too! so I didn't vote..

    Those who think it's worse: did u use the personal hotspot?

  • Chee Yi - 8 years ago

    Where is the option "still same as before"?

  • Todd - 8 years ago

    After rebooting, leaving the iPhone 4 off for about 20 min my phone regained normal battery life. At first I was upset but now it seems to work just fine.

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