What do you think of Rebecca Black's song "Friday" and video?


  • Brady - 13 years ago

    They should use this song as torture to get info out of terrorists, they would crack 25 seconds inti the song, if you can even call it a song...

  • Matt - 13 years ago

    I think that, although it's not a good song, people can't say it's a rubbish song, i mean, it's not as bad as some of the autotuned rubbish people call music nowadays

  • Kenna - 13 years ago

    I like it! People are cruel to say the things they say to a 13 year old girl...she is still a child and if someone doesn't like the song then they should just say they don't like the song and leave it at that. They should never make those horrible remarks about killing or hurting herself. THAT is childish! Honestly I feel sorry for the people who think that way....much less, saying those things. Rebecca, GO AHEAD GIRL! PEOPLE ARE JUST JEALOUS!!!! :))

  • shane - 13 years ago

    she needs to pull a motherfreakin kurt cobain, if there was i day i was looking forward to itd be the friday i shoved her voicebox in and mailed it to justin beiber to compare wich sounds worse his voice or hers> we we we we we we we so ecited that out of every label company in america there isint an sounds of ass records(trollin)

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