Have you ever been told you 'should have' done a woodworking task the way another woodworker does things?

  • Guy - 11 years ago

    Its one thing to give advice when you have the experience, its another thing when you give advice and have never done it yourself.

  • Bobby Slack - 11 years ago

    But of course ;? who hasn't. Don't we all have opinions? lol

  • Adam - 11 years ago

    I tell myself that all the time after I finish a project!

  • Dan Thoms - 11 years ago

    So far I am the only "Something else" vote. The more input I can get the more I learn and improve the next time. If you are set in your ways you stop learning.

  • Vic Hubbard - 11 years ago

    This seems to be quite common among "seasoned" professionals. But, the beauty of being a novice is not only NOT knowing how to do something the "correct" way, but also quite often not knowing you "can't" do something a certain way and having it work.

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