Of the four players listed below, who would you rather the Seahawks draft in round one?


  • Nick in Pullman - 12 years ago

    Can I get some David DeCastro, please?

  • Dudedace - 12 years ago

    G David DiCastro. Hawks dropped Gallery, need a line leader, and with (a healthy) Okung and DiCastro, PC and T.Cable have their Jones/Hutchinson opening holes for his Beast-ness. Defense line needs work but you get one chance to choose Steve Hutchinson a decade where DTs and DEs can be found in drafts and free agency. Solidifying the left side of the line to beat down opposing D-lines is more critical to controlling a game.

  • Seafan - 12 years ago

    This was a reach and perhaps some desperation. A LOT of it due to Cable's influence but to be fair to PC/JS they did try to trade down and couldn't make the right deal in time. It happens. Sadly the lockout severely impacted his rookie season and the injury was another unlucky hit for him and the team. I still expect him to eventually be better than Locklear though he may end up at guard. We'll see.

  • jarlarl - 13 years ago

    mattc, for where we were picking there were some very talented players at crucial positions. ANy rational coach in our situation would take his right tackle in the middle rounds. This was a thrown away pick.

    I've read on hawkblogger that Schneider may not have been sure what to do after their well-advertised mission to trade-down-at-any-cost somehow did not get them a good offer.

  • jarlarl - 13 years ago

    I know I have only 1 vote, but I continue to give this pick an F every time I visit seahwskdraftblog.

  • Matt C - 13 years ago

    Who opened the holes for said Heisman running back at bama? Pick works for me given what was left on the board.

  • Steve - 13 years ago

    Another 2nd rate line man?! I want my money back!

  • Fred - 13 years ago

    The Heismann running back was still available and we take this 2nd rounder. Sorry.

  • Ed - 13 years ago

    E !!!

  • Nick - 13 years ago

    How many people have submitted votes?

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