Which 'American Idol' Top 11 performance was the best?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Linda - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta hands down--- the best. His voice is pure, and he sings with such passion. Every word is felt in his delivery.

  • angel50 - 8 years ago

    I'm in complete agreement with Blisskasden, " David is completely in a class of his own." Truer words were never spoken.

  • cassie - 8 years ago

    I vote for David Archuleta's "Long & Winding Road". I don't have any magical formula to get more than 1 vote in. So please everyone just vote for your contestant and stop making negative comments about other's choices.

  • Pot - 8 years ago

    We all have different choices. There are people who don't like him, there are people who do. So please respect that.
    Archies are just supportive fans to David Archuleta, and so as Adam. So maybe that's the reason why they always win in polls like this.
    That's how Show Businesses work, they'd do everything just to have fame and money.

  • Donna - 8 years ago

    DAVID ARCHULETA baby!!! Blisskasden said it all....Archuleta is my voice of choice.

  • Katheryn - 8 years ago

    I agree 100% with Blisskaden. David Archuleta is the best. Period. I stopped watching Idol after Season 7 because I had learned too much about the manipulation and politics taking place behind the scenes on that show. Fool me once, shame on you (Idol). Fool me twice, shame on me.

    As for the multiple voting charges made by some commenting here: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this poll has been set up to accept 1 vote and 1 vote only per IP address. David and Adam fans don't have some magical formula to overcome the system.

  • Bebereader - 8 years ago

    Bliss, I totally agree! It's David Archuleta, hands down! His rendition of "The Long and Winding Road" was breathtaking and his voice is uncomparable to any other on the planet! Hope you caught his performance of the National Anthem at NASCAR today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6us5UfxeuQE&feature=player_embedded

  • Blisskasden - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta is the best singer ever to appear on American Idol, and possibly the best male singer of the past 50 years. If this were the '60s or the '70s, he would dominate the Top 40 charts with his catchy pop songs and breathtaking ballads. AI has found a number of really talented singers, but David is completely in a class of his own.

    His performance of "Long and Winding Road" is just one example of his total connection to any song he is singing. For him not to win the title in Season 7 undermined the credibility of the show. I mean, does anyone really think that David Cook is a better singer than David Archuleta?

  • Supergrandjudie - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta's "Long and Winding Road", by far the best. David's voice is pure and precise. He sings beautifully with or without accompaniment! As close to perfect as they come!

  • Anisa Archuleta - 8 years ago


  • Martina - 8 years ago

    Adam!!!!! He's the best ;) he sings very very well =)

  • justin - 8 years ago

    no doubt. david Archuleta is the best. He's the complete package. its not about how many followers you have in twitter. its the talent that counts. :)

  • eLvhinLuvsDavid - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta ofcourse . ! :)

  • Karen - 8 years ago

    David ArchuletaFor Sure!

  • kitty - 8 years ago

    I loved "Long & Winding Road" by David Archuleta! Lots of good performances listed but David's performance was amazing!!

  • Tracy - 8 years ago

    Maggie-I really don't think you have seen David live because he does not need more stage presence or maybe you just don't give him the time of day because he is crazy good live. Some of us don't like the flashing lights or music over powering the voice. David has a gift with his voice, his acustic performances are outstanding. I'd see him over Adam anyday.

  • meme - 8 years ago


    "Surely, there must be a way to prevent this, but I certainly would not know how. You might as well invite multiple voting at the beginning, so everyone has the same chance. The results would be much different."

    How would it be different?

    Adam has over a million followers twitter and David has over 600,000 followers on twitter even if only a fraction of them voted here the results would be as they stand give or take a few. As of now Carrie's fans are on the move and I don't know how many followers she has but I'm sure they're plenty.

  • Tracy - 8 years ago

    My first choice is David Archuleta hands down. The way he grabs my heart and pulls me with him as he sings his story his mind boggeling. I would have to say my second choice is Clay. Those two men are the best males voice that came off the idol stage....no compatition here.

  • marie - 8 years ago

    clay aiken is second to none

  • Maggie - 8 years ago

    By the way, I am highly suspicious David and Adam fans have once again found a way to circumvent the one vote limit. Kelly's fans used to do this in the distant past.

    I have few computer skills, so don't know how to hide my address or block cookies, nor do I have a machine to vote, but I truly think they do. It has been proven on other polls, according to management at those sites, and they fixed it too.

    Surely, there must be a way to prevent this, but I certainly would not know how. You might as well invite multiple voting at the beginning, so everyone has the same chance. The results would be much different.

    Truthfully, most people know what goes on, and pay little attention to polls like this.

  • Maggie - 8 years ago

    Love the way David and Adam 's fans give them so much support. Adam has an excellent voice, but sometimes, his onstage antics turn me off. Otherwise, he is exceptional
    David is so cute and a nice kid, but he really needs better stage presence and in interviews, he is so uncomfortable. His voice is very nice, and I did vote for him, as he is so appealing, but now, I can hear the nasal sound, and I don't think he has the range and power of Adam, and certainly not Clay Aiken.

    THAT is the guy given no credit from Idol, and he is stupendous live. He can sing anything at all and knock it out of the ballpark. Don't know why they ignore him, and when he was on a results show, it was all that people could talk about the next day. Remember Michael Sandecki???? Poor Taylor was totally overshadowed. They can't take that chance again, and have actually blackballed him in many areas. Djs have told me so.

  • Alec - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta of course. Hands down. No discussion needed. :)

  • Sylvia Warnock - 8 years ago

    Okay, I say Archuleta and here's why. He did a beautiful job and had perfect pitch. Also, after listening did you notice the choice of other videos? Play George Michael's version of The Long and Winding Road. I first noticed this similarity between the two when Archuleta sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me. David needs a record co. that can develop this talent. For those of you of the age to remember, we had to get Wake Me Up Before You GoGo before we got the great performer that turned into George Michael the man. David is not going to be glam, nothing wrong with that, but he can definitely make an impact with his incredible instrument. This is one talent that doesn't need to be thrown away after 15 minutes or chewed up in the AI machine.

  • waffles - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta by far. This was an easy choice!

  • Judy - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta....Incredible talent! My choice :)

  • katy - 8 years ago


  • Lam My - 8 years ago

    Adam is the only singer who has had a standing ovation from Simon and finally someone has managed to prove Simon wrong too ! He told Adam people in Nashville will throw their television sets out the window, after Adam sang Ring of Fire. Was he ever so off his critique ! I believed him until I watched the people in Nashville, on their feet, giving him a thunderous, heart-felt applause after he sang Ring of Fire on his Glam Nation Tour at the historic Ryman Theatre. Adam is the Voice . Please bring him back as a mentor on S10, the ratings will skyrocket.

  • caroline - 8 years ago

    I think Adam's ROF was the most original rendition of a week and a song ever on idol. And we know he envisioned it himself and performed it despite the mentor's complete disbelief. -- unlike This year, when each contestant has multiple expert producers to make their decisions for them, you'll never hear anything a surprising or original as this. And if you should, how will you know who to attribute it to??!

  • daphne - 8 years ago

    Carrie did an amazing job and so did Clay.

  • malia08 - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta for sure when he was 16 YO his voice was so deep already, while other singers at the same time don't have that. Anyway, at 17 YO his voice was pitch perfect, and his voice is still maturing and growing. Love his voice and his personality.

  • Linda - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta. :)

  • AndyTrung - 8 years ago

    David is the best:))

  • gc - 8 years ago

    clay aiken is the best

  • Mirta - 8 years ago

    DAVID ARCHULETA! Day in and day out you were sure to hear pitch perfect vocals. He would keep you on your seat because at 16 and 17 years of age that tone, the silky, the soulfull and Heavenly sound that came out of this young man was AMAZING!!

  • djafan - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidijoy - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta's Long and Winding Road recieved rave reviews from Judges and fans alike!
    Ruben even told Archie how much he liked that song. It was a comeback song after being sick the week before!

  • itstiffaa - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta!! of course....

  • Marylee - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta - hands down..best of the best!

  • Gen - 8 years ago

    Taking into consideration that Clay Aiken is the only one who didn't have the benefit of live music, no bells no whistles just his beautiful voice my vote goes to Clay Aiken. The most natural talent of the lot IMO

  • murm5 - 8 years ago

    Adam Lambert by far!!! He is definitely the most exciting to watch and hear!

  • peggyt - 8 years ago

    I love Adam Lamberts "ring of fire"....he is the best AI has ever had on the show....

  • sarah - 8 years ago

    David Archuleta's The Long and Winding Road shows off his consistent and precise vocals from start to finish. It's still a mystery at 16 he always turned to a whole different person on stage when he performed although he said he's always nervous inside. Only once he stumbled because he had a strep throat but he never told the audience he was sick. This guy is the epitome of what is right and good. Whatever comes out of him is always exemplary and that's why my money is worth to invest for him.

  • jo - 8 years ago

    adam lambert the BEST ever. what a talent! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Szuszi - 8 years ago

    Adam Lambert's Ring of Fire was perfectly sung, completely reimagined the song, and turned me from someone who didn't watch American Idol into someone who did. It was daring, exciting, sexy and just a great performance all around. While other performances listed were also great, I feel like this was just on a different level of creativity.

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