Should the TTC ban eating on its vehicles?

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    Food is OK but not when it smells offensive such as fish brain, squid or Chinese Kung Fu chicken. Last night I was almost puked just watching someone eat a fish head with chop sticks while hearing the bones crunch. YUCK. No nasty squirrel chop suey!!!!

  • Shelli - 10 years ago


  • Shelli - 10 years ago

    Whether or not someone chooses to eat on the subway is there business. I don't understand why people feel the need to chime in when it is not needed. What if someone has a particularly long commute home and have diabetes and need to eat to help control their blood sugar? Its ridiculous to ban people from eating on the subway.

    The woman who referred to the individual who was eating spaghetti on the NY subway as an "animal" is ignorant, plain and simple. Why would an incident on the New York subway lead us to consider placing a ban on eating on the TTC? I don't understand how it was affecting her life in the first place.

  • Nick - 10 years ago

    Who cares? In that video it's obvious that the girl eating was pretty feisty, but it's clear that she wasn't the one who started anything. In that case it was spaghetti, doesn't even have a foul smell...
    There's no reason to ban eating on the trains, it really doesn't cause any trouble...

  • angelo - 10 years ago

    doesnt bother me as long as you clean up after yourself and not just leave your trash on the seat

    i dont really see very many people eating on the train anyway

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