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  • Rita - 9 years ago

    Deb -

    My Mom was hit with breast cancer when she was 55. As this was over 25 years ago when it happened, things were done a lot differently back then. Mom underwent not only surgery, but months & months of both chemo and radiation.

    I have watched over the years, the advancements that have been made in attacking this foe. Because of "causes" such as this, women have so many more options open to them than in previous years.

    While she was able to withstand everything involved with her breast cancer. As you know, she was unable to continue the fight against the invisible disease of Alzheimer's which took her life at the age of 75.

    Then, the other woman in my life that I called my "2nd Mom" was also stricken with breast cancer. She too, is a survivor.

    It would be wonderful when there is a day when each of us could say that we know of no one that has been affected by breast cancer. What a glorious day that would be ~

  • Kathy Dickinson - 9 years ago

    This cause is very important, more than some of us know. My family hasn't been touched by this yet, but my sister beat adult leukemia 11 years ago, so I can imagine what it is like. Some of us might get breast cancer in the future, or, someone we know and love will. Let's all join the cause and 'Believe' we can make a difference. You 'Believe' and look at the positive energy flowing from you regarding this subject, breast cancer. Yay! Let's all make a difference together!

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