How devoted are you to St. Thérèse of Lisieux?

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  • Paul - 11 years ago

    Your devotion restores my spirit of which has been trampled on by those who do not believe.
    I am a father to a murdered family.
    I have stood in the burning ashes of Orthodox christian churches in Europe.
    I have walked on the remains of catholic churches where entire parishes have been wiped out.
    I am a veteran of many wars during my military career.
    I am a eye witness to the attempted assassination of His Holiness JP II.
    I have been falsely arrested, jailed, and robbed of my home and possessions.
    I have been rewarded for my trials with a new catholic wife, child and blessed home.
    I have received my wedding blessings from our Holy Father on the steps of the Vatican.
    I will fight the enemies of our Catholic Church as my ancestors have done.
    I will lead an army called Militiae de Jesu Christi.
    I am not worthy of my calling because of my sins and the blood upon my hands.
    I do humbly beg for your prayers.

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