Which of the following statements best represents the results of your Grades auditing?


  • William - 11 years ago


    How interesting! I hadn't thought that "more than I expected" could include people who didn't get the promised gains, but got something else -- however temporary. But I totally see your point.

  • RJ - 11 years ago

    Thanks Jeff.

    Was a fun poll.



  • Holly - 11 years ago

    Whatever I could say I "gained" I cannot in all honesty attribute to the "processes"..... I think that if you ponder any subject, really think on it, you can come to realizations whether the exercise is done through scientology or anything else. So, I can't answer the questions with any of the given answers. Sorry.

  • Joe Howard - 11 years ago

    I went very exterior, as in above and around the body, for two weeks on Grade III when I reached the awareness level of Body. (The awareness levels of Grade III correspond to Energy, Adjustment, Body.) Definitely more than I expected.

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