Should the USA rejoin the British Empire?

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  • anon - 4 years ago

    Both nations are doomed by feminism, feminazism, the women who literally write in their NOW books that where other religions claim "faith BEFORE reason", feminazism demands "Feelings INSTEAD of reason". Beginning in Sweden now through Canada, Australia and New Zealand, this is literally quote word for word the public educational system 'to dissuade and punish the following masculine traits: violence, aggression, physical, size, strength, power, wandering, wondering, curiosity, exploration, destructive, constructive, emotional control, stoicism, logic, reason, rationality..." That's LAW already, you elected politicians and ignored bureaucrats who passed laws eliminating the divide between civil and criminal law so that a female(only) that accuses a male(only, includes homosexuals and DNA transsexuals) of making her "feel uncomfortable" = violent rape and automatic guilt. 1000 years of Anglo common-law, innocent until proven guilty, trial by impartial judge, lawyers without conflicting interests and jury of peers by 'logical' evidence only, yadayada ALL GONE. (except for women).

    America is already doomed. As of summer 2018 it is no longer even possible for America to pay off its debts, and most of its debts were sold to China in the last 30 years. As soon as China realized America was going to behave like a teenage girl with no intention of ever paying off her credit card, it began going all out building aircraft carriers, missiles, amphibious and air invasion corps and like America, absolutely ignoring business and international law. When China calls in the debt and America cannot pay, here comes the piper. America's only hope was the Reunification of the British Empire, but the other anglo countries have been feminazified already. Feminism is against the very concept of loyalty, patriotism, nationality it calls fascism while it itself is Nazism. After America falls, so the remaining 'straight white male' nations, anglo and Scandinavian already emasculated. As you are.

    As long as I can remember, there has NEVER been a positive male role model on TV, 114lb women ALWAYS beat up and superior to 225lb men of same training, and only men evil inferior. Even in your dreams, your Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction, the stories teach boys for generations now they are useless, they have nothing to bring to the value in life table, only girls. You are forced to pay for Dr. Who in Britain and Netflix in America to produce programs of gendercide, the righteous extermination, the 'final solution' (as if the writers never took ww2 history) of all males and masculinity.

    So maybe we SHOULD let the Chinese and Russians at least nuke you all to death, better off in terms of evolution. Besides, I guarantee you that where the feminists have forever ignored the fact that the British Empire has been a Matriarchy the last 2 centuries, once QE2 dies and Charles in on the thrown, the feminists will turn on it and the spineless cucks long representing the monarchy will run for their pensions. The British Commonwealth ONLY agreed to stay together at the Queen's last birthday through KING Charles reign, angry at the feminazi anti-male/religion regime in play. The Torah, Quoran and Bible all quote the same, "let no man over the age of 12 be ruled by a woman", and Buddhism, Hindi other heathen religions all the same. They have already decided to break up the British Commonwealth after the last male monarch born during their loyalty years.

    And tis a shame, for it is true, if Reunifcation occurred, it would save both America and the Empire. Free trade ONLY between the empire realms, the middle class would be reborn, high paying industrial jobs would return, and resource as well, the various Royal militaries(UK, Canada, Australia. New Zealand and South Africa would undoubtedly rejoin) would make the 3rd British Empire so stupendously powerful military, economic and political, the rest of the world could rally behind Russia and China and still

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