When do you start thinking about a book's score?


  • Jazz - 11 years ago

    Love your whole 30 days of books thing. Sometimes I'm lured into a book by its premise, but if the writing and ideas aren't there, or the thesis/story isn't progressing at a tolerable pace (at the least), it goes unfinished. I've read beautifully written novels with anti-climactic endings, and foresaken potentially glorious conclusions because of stale style...but if I'm not in within the first third...I've probably moved on.

    How can you say you're not well-read in the classics? Not you...

  • SteveB - 11 years ago

    Thanks Amy! I'm sort of the same way -- I will draw an early impression and then the story/execution may bump it up or down a little. I haven't had many wholesale big swings. But I always wait until I'm finished and have digested it for a little while before I post anything.

  • Amy L. Campbell - 11 years ago

    I do usually finish books that I rate and sometimes it will change the rating by a star or two, but for the most part I find that if I don't like the author's voice at the beginning of the book no amount of plot line will make me like the ending.

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