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Posted 8 years.


  • Pete - 5 years ago

    It seems the England you all admire so much is far fetched from reality, Im afraid you paint a lovely, idyllic, old fashioned view of a once proud nation...nowadays taking a trip to the large cities you will hear a cacophony of Eastern European lingo or a commotion of Asian dialect. One thing to remember, however, there is more to England than the sprawling cesspit that is London & the further north of Birmingham you travel people will emerge much much friendlier but the deplorable government that has ruled this country for years pump the finance into the wimpy south & effectively back to Poland, Latvia, Pakistan etc etc.
    God save the queen. Long live Madchester!

  • Geeta Nair - 6 years ago

    Hi Rose

    I am from Mumbai India. I love all things English since I was 6 or 7. I try to keep my obsession for all things English to myself as in India it will be not appreciated. My family knows and laugh and tease me regarding my obsession for all things English. I was aware that there are Anglophiles around the world and now I have found this blog. I enjoyed reading the various posts.

  • Annie - 8 years ago

    Yes! I have finally found a place where I belong. Brilliant, Watson. Brilliant.

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