Would you click two buttons -- like and +1 -- after finding an article that you like?

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Posted 8 years.


  • fivekitten - 8 years ago

    Oh ya, and Steve...I thought the same exact thing!!! I would 9 times out of 10 click google like and not hit facebook like. Rarely would I hit both. (Except for SEO or something I think the world has to hear about.)

  • fivekitten - 8 years ago

    The like on Facebook serves to notify your friends that you like something, and possibly share with them. The +1 on Google will affect search results, particularly for users with a Google profile. And of course, they all have to do with marketing and data-sharing...but that's besides the point. I'm not a facebook fan, but I am a google fan. I have an account for more than few reasons - gmail, docs, notebook, bookmarks, RSS feeds, labs, customized news page, etc. etc. Since I do research online, the more accurate my search results are, the better. Unfortunately, what I'm looking for isn't always popular, so I'm hoping that +1 will help my search results become more relevant to my preferences. I'm glad there's an alternative to facebook! The only reason I'm on facebook is cause my kids are! But like everything else...it will be manipulated strongly by SEO people - so it's true effectiveness only goes so far.

  • Pelli - 8 years ago

    People, we are talking about Google here. If Google adds a button on everything it touches which is about everything in the world, i think it should be pretty obvious that developers should add it to there web sites. I think its not a matter of "if its worth my while to press it", i think its going to catch on like wild fire if they can just find a way to give it something special, something that de FB like button doesn´t have.

    I agree with your previous post about the name. Why so complicated? But hey, Google is called google and we all know how well they did.

  • Rob - 8 years ago

    I thought that you'll only be able +1 a website if you have a google profile, why will people need a google profile? personally, I think this is only going to encourage "+1 farms" especially when google introduce it to its algorithm for search engine ranking and it's just another data collection programme.

    It's not needed, but I do think google should spend more time removing expired website.

  • Steve Rumsby - 8 years ago

    The available options assume I already click "Like". What if I don't? Where's the "I don't use like but I might use +1" option? Where's the "I don't use like and I won't use +1 either" option?

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