Do You Think Music Consumers Will Stream More Music Than They Download?

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  • Tom - 13 years ago

    Had this question been asked to me several years ago I would have said no. However, like the seasons we too change. If I wanted to play the music in my car I would download it then burn it to a CD. But I have to hear the song first before I decide if I like it which is why streaming has its advantages. I can just stream music all the live long day with Pandora, and if a song(s) really starts to sink in my brain to the point where I have to have it, well then I just download it from itunes. Then that allows me to play in my car as well.

    If I hear a bands single on the radio or on MTV or some other avenue and I like it, I'll head to their myspace page and stream their latest recordings. If it rocks and it's a must have I'll again go to itunes to purchase it to be able to rock out to it in my car.

    So, streaming is good! It's an opportunity to win over unfounded fans. To allow them to hear your music and give it a try with no commitment, monetarily speaking. I appreciate the fact I can hear a band without having to commit first. It's just spreading the net to a wider audience. If you're not streaming your losing, plain and simple.

    Example: Asobi Seksu who recently played where I live had a great review of their music in a local Santa Fe paper, so what! I never heard of them or their music–so first thing I did was go to their myspace page and what do ya know, they had a good bunch of songs to stream, enough for me to decide to pay a $12 cover to see them that night live. Had they had only a few songs up then I probably wouldn't have gone. Give the people enough material in order for them to base a decision on whether or not the music is right for them.

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