Katy Perry and Kanye West's 'ET' video is...

  • steve - 10 years ago

    this video sucked!!! after i watched it i wanted to do two things: 1. put a gun in my mouth 2. hang myself. fortunately i have friends who stop me from doing stupid stuff unlike katy perry. if i was her friend i would have not told her to do it. really kanye? whats next remix with chris brown? way to down grade yourself katey. first she marries russell brandt now this crap. what a waste of talent.

  • Melissa - 10 years ago

    Katy Perry looks great, sexy and beautiful.. ,i dnt feel much for kanye but the video's concept is actually enough fiction to not make it distasteful... i loved it..

  • Sara - 10 years ago

    Way too Gaga.

  • jennifer - 10 years ago

    I don't feel the video captured the hot and sexy of the song and lyrics. When you listen to this song it's so flowy and hypnotic and you just get sucked in, meditating in a way, and it's disappointing it didn't capture that aspect of it. Her outfits were very odd and I didn't feel she felt the song herself.

  • maddy - 10 years ago

    Cheesy. Bad lighting..but i like it

  • fuck you - 10 years ago

    her video is weird I hate it she fucks some weird alien

  • Li - 10 years ago

    Corny just... corny

  • alexis - 10 years ago

    hehe i know!!! bye honey bunny!!!

  • rolvin - 10 years ago

    no the bell is not going to rind gosh like 5 more minutes good bye world this was so much fun :D see you later alexis smooches xoxoxo

  • alexis - 10 years ago

    i know right!!!! then she turns into some kinda goat!!!!? haha what the hell is that about!!! wait no she was an alien then um human then snow princess then a goat? did i get that right haha oh gosh wow im just sitting here in world history 5th period at Chaffey highschool and i see this dumb ass video haha amazing ;D omg hey i actually like friday kind of its ok haha anyways got to go Rolvii the bell is going to ring haha

  • rolvin - 10 years ago

    i know right i bet even betty white could do better :D and girl you spell video wrong again and again i dont get how a robot turns into a person whos naked??? what the hell and i thought Dr. Phil was stupid...and then she was like an alien whos sings??? i think they took the idea from the movie Paul? and then you could tell she was hanging man i would never post a video like this for example that annoying girl Rebbecca Black?? today is friday??? okay i know its friday dumb girl okay so shut the front door about friday alright?

  • Alexis - 10 years ago

    your so right Kanye sucks!! maybe thats why ur video sucks! haha xD oh snap i think ur grandma did!! wow. bad video Katy i hope ur next one will be better becaus ei bet the whole world is going to say this vedio sucks!!!!

  • rolvin - 10 years ago

    i like totally Agree with like my best friend who was the first comment come on who the hell who have kanye west in their videos now days and thats what he gets for messing with taylor swift... making this video was really STUPID! really i bet my grandma could make a better song and video and win a grammy at the same time *snap*

  • Alexis - 10 years ago

    wow! that video sucked Katy! could have did better i think this was really a bad video maybe you should rethink what you do before you post it and totally look like a dumb ass. dont get me wrong i love your music but really??? an alien creature sent from above ohhh gosh i laughed so hard my nose percing almost riped out!

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