Do you favor a Proposition 2 1/2 override in Scituate to raise property taxes $2.2 million a year? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    136 votes

  • No
    209 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • Amy - 8 years ago

    Its very unfortunate, that the older residents are mostly the ones NOT in favor of this. Many people voted for overrides while your children were in the school system, now it is your turn!!
    This is for the children, not just for the town employees.

  • Jack Gill - 8 years ago

    This override is a band aid approach and a waste of money. The problems are not being addressed and the town will be looking for yet another override in about two years.

  • eileen - 8 years ago

    Our schools really need this money. This amounts to only $23/per month per residence. People need to understand that the value of your property is directly related to the rating of our school system. People used to move to Scituate because of our school's reputation. I just went to the parent night at Gates. My children may have a wide selection of study halls to choose from if we dont get this override. They actually stated it may be possible for your child to have 3 study halls in one day. They don't have the money to offer typing class. Health care costs are rising for the town and our town's investments have declined in value. This is why we are in this position. Perhaps we could look at our town employee health plan. Are they paying 5 or 10 copays? Perhaps if they agreed to increase their cost share to 20$ like the rest of us- the town's health plan cost would go down and save a great deal of money on the health plan costs alone. Times have changed for all of us. We can't keep giving the town employees generous health plans and pensions that nobody in the public sector living in Scituate will ever be getting. We all have to do our share. I think 23 $ per house/per month is not a lot to ask to keep our schools functioning without 35 kids in a class. Please vote for our schools!!! Thank you for listening.

  • ncitizen - 8 years ago

    max percy the answer is yes to your question.

  • max percy - 8 years ago

    While I am presently leaning towards the override, there has been a sad lack of leadership on this issue from either side. O the pro-override side there really has been no explanation about why or how the $2.2 million dollar figure was arrived at. There has been no explanation of how the ongoing issues are to be addressed.
    From the naysayers there is only tired slogans and bomb throwing at strawmen with a mildly misanthropic undertone.

    Something is wrong when the only real discussion of the issues available to the citizens is on the comment section of the Scituate Mariner website.

    There has been a serious abdication of leadership from the town leaders, school committee, union leadership and anti-override positions. Is it arrogance, cynical, or just not very smart?

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    While I voted 'yes' to address the urgency of the problem, I know that an override won't solve the systemic problem we have with our funding model. We've got to get to the root cause of why we find ourselves in the same position every year, and fix it because we can't keep having these overrides.

  • John Smith - 8 years ago

    I'm tapped out. Just can't afford it.

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