What did you think of the musical 'Grey's episode?


  • Faith - 11 years ago

    Amazing. The cast did such an amazing job in this episode! Hunt, Bailey and, of course, Callie were great! :D

  • Jan - 12 years ago

    I think it was great. I can see how some may have been pulled away from the story line, but if you listened to the words of the songs and watched what was going on, it all came together. I cried the entire episode. I have downloaded the songs and listened to them with a new ear now. Replaying what my eyes saw as they were singing.

  • Christina - 12 years ago

    AMAZING! I abosolutely LOVED it! I just watched it again and I loved it just as much as the first time if not more. I love how music can tell a story and I think they nailed it. I cried just as much this time as I did the first time. I love Grey's and I think they are doing a fantastic job. I agree that I would love the music for download!
    BEAUTIFUL! One of my favorite episodes and the actors did an amazing job. They have great voices!

  • NORWOOD PARK - 12 years ago

    Generally, I like the show but the musical show was simply awful. I fast forwarded through most of it and painfully suffered through the rest...please don't ever do this again.

  • Shelly - 12 years ago

    Grey's has been consistent over the years . . . consistently going down hill. And the musical episode was the worst! If I wanted to watch a musical show, I would be watching GLEE. The first season of Grey's was the best and it has gotten so far away from what the show started from. I guess they are running out of ideas . . . but don't use someone elses. What happened to the good ole days when it was about doctors that were friends that had issues, but the main point to the show was to help people! I think Seattle Grace has turned into General Hospital.

  • Gina - 12 years ago

    Please do not do anymore musicals - PLEASE! The music was good but I felt like it distracted from the story line and didn't really do anything for me. Luckily I dvr'd it and I fast forwarded through all that singing to find out what was going on. Please do not do another musical or else I will just delete my dvr recordings for this season.


  • Jacqulynn - 12 years ago

    I LOVED IT. Now I want those songs sung by the star of the show to download, PLEASE

  • dawn - 12 years ago

    I hated this episode it was realy hard taking them serious when they all burst out dancing and singing.If grey's turn's in to a musical I will not be watching it anymore.Please dont do another one like this.....

  • Jennifer - 12 years ago

    Please please please don't ever do this again. As a long time fan, I was incredibly disappointed.

  • Disappointed2 - 12 years ago

    For years I've enjoyed Grey's Anatomy's stories, how the characters grow and are transformed by everyday events, and there is usually a good take-away message. Despite their inconceivably unbelievable story lines, inconsistent writing, and TMI about their sex lives, I continue to watch for the good I can find. I hated this episode, the music completely detracted from the story it serves to boost ratings, egos, and musical careers, and definitely was not a 'gift' to the fans as Shondra said. Ah, but such are the deceptive ways of Gray's Anatomy.

  • Disappointed - 12 years ago

    This was a horrible episode. The singing was stupid and it kept taking me out of the story. Every time time the singing started it sounded like background music and the singers were just lip-syncing!

  • Maria - 12 years ago

    Weird. GA karaoke. When I think of musical episode, nothing compared to Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer with original score and hilarious lyrics.

  • Neicie - 12 years ago

    Excellanto ! Bravo! Bravo! Love Sara Ramirez's Beautiful voice. Who'd a thought,,,,she is beautiful to start with, a brilliant actress, Broadway Star , Tony Award winner and now Im sure ....a Best New Artist nominate if not winner ! As for the rest of the Grey's singing crew.......Some were really pretty goood,,, but... some just scared me. There was more feeling and compassion when they were singing while they worked. They CARED ! U could feel it. But most of allll,,,,, WHO ASKED FOR THE MUSIC ? Callie ! remember?

  • fay franus - 12 years ago

    I thought this was like being at a Tony award winning play! It was magnificent. I could not get enough of it and did not want it to ever end--Bravo Grey writers--Justs superb!! I want more of the same!!! Again and again-- they broke many barriers here and we need that for tv.

  • Pangolin - 12 years ago

    I loved their singing voices, they all did great. Hunt could sing to me anytime....except during another GA episode. As lovely as they sounded, the episode just didn't work for me. I missed the regular on-going dialogue that was cut out every time they broke into song.

  • kk - 12 years ago

    This was by far the WORST episode of GA I have ever seen ... the only one that should have been singing was Callie since she was having the 'out-of-body' experience. Hunt's voice was like listening to nails down a chalkboard, Bailey was tolerable and McSteamy? yea well. I hope & pray that Shonda doesn't plan on anymore musical episodes.

  • Jude - 12 years ago

    Although I was not looking forward to a musical Grey's it was so much better than I ever expected! I was amazed at how well it was performed. The cast was magnificent, everyone did an extraordinary job! I have listened to these songs for years but to hear them again, by the cast, with such an excellent storyline was overwhelmingly touching. I started watching this show as a long time fan of Patrick Dempsey. I quickly fell in love with the show and many of the cast. Mer, Kristina, Bailey, Chief, Lexie,Alex,Mark, and my favorite Derrick, BRAVO!!!
    Shonda Rhimes did a great job. CONGRATULATIONS!

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