Is The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City an April Fools Joke? (Poll Closed)

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  • Hannah - 10 years ago

    Seriously, that first sentence will live on in the history of first sentences now and forevermore.

  • Dorian - 10 years ago

    Thanks, chaos. I will look through Lord of Light. I've decided to start a collection of long sentences.

  • Victoria - 10 years ago

    Bulwar-Lytton much?

  • chaos - 10 years ago

    @Dorian: Roger Zelazny liked to occasionally see how long he could make a sentence without it becoming a run-on. There's a lovely page-plus one in Lord of Light.

  • kevboy - 10 years ago

    I was looking for the "It is but I wish it wasn't; also, friggin' sweet first sentence." option.

  • Jirnsum - 10 years ago

    Brilliant first sentence :P So props for that :P

  • SDGlyph - 10 years ago

    When that title analysis went up, I knew it was just a matter of time...

    As punishment, you must now also write Dark Blood Magic and Dream World of the Fire Wolf.
    (Note to self: if ever writing or illustrating a sequence in Lucien's Library, include this trilogy.)

  • Cathy - 10 years ago

    I vote that you need to write it as punishment.

  • KenC - 10 years ago

    Wish I could vote twice, for the thirdnoptiom and TAD option. I chose number 3 by a slim margin.

  • JJ Brannon - 10 years ago

    Surprise me!

    I *believe* a man can founder!


  • Miriam - 10 years ago

    Blah, now that I'm home from the Happiest Place to spend all your money...

    But was it a black night? I think the first sentence needed more description to truly explain exactly what color the night was. I mean, it's too short now.

  • Mark Terry - 10 years ago

    I confess, you got me good ... right up until I tried reading it.

  • Ronald Grant - 10 years ago

    I'd buy the book if it was an Ebook. This is almost as fun reading as James Fenamore Cooper.

  • Tangozulu - 10 years ago

    And... I ALSO want another OMW book as well as another Android's Dream book too! Yeah, I'm greedy that way. I'll buy extra as I'm always giving them away anyhow.

    Seriously, a dark and stormy night? Gotta be an April Fool's thing...

  • Dr. Jim - 10 years ago

    Does this survey engine provide skip logic?

  • Dorian - 10 years ago

    The only place I have ever read a longer sentence was in an art critics book. that one was probably worse, and she wasn't trying. Congrats, though, I laughed.

  • blaise - 10 years ago

    honestly, only people who didn't read even the first sentence can believe this was real. Brilliantly done though, hit all my irritations about fantasy all at once. My wife and cat ran and hid as I raged.

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