Do you think Conrad Veidt should have accepted the role of Dracula?


  • Conifer Tree - 12 years ago

    I have always known that Conrad Veidt was 'special' since I saw him in 'Thief of Bagdad' , but thanks to the internet and YouTube and people who take the trouble to share and post, like you, I have discovered just what a unique and gifted actor he was and so sad he died so young.

    A fascinating man and a fascinating life. Charismatic and able to act the socks off of anyone past or present , just with his face and voice.

    An amazing man who would have made Dracula all his own. Sir Christopher Lee has cornered that market as Dracula , but Veidt was a real actor and what a great shame he never got to play that role.

  • Lora M - 12 years ago

    Although I don't watch horror films generally, yes, Conrad would have done an excellent job of portraying Dracula. After all, when you think of it, Fredric March as well as Spencer Tracy both took on the role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde early in their careers and went on to greater roles quite easily. And look at Claude Rains in his startling early film "The Invisible Man" and how he played other excellent roles. More later.

  • Mary Ellen Byrne - 13 years ago

    I am writing because I wish to qualify my "no" vote.

    My opinion is that Connie would have made a great Dracula. My fear is that if Connie had taken on the role, he would have been as badly sterotyped by it as was Bela Lugosi. Because of his success in "Dracula", Bela Lugosi was never taken seriously in any other role he took for the rest of his life unless that role as another Dracula.

    I think Connie would have been excellent in the part but I'm also glad he didn't take it and I'm glad he did not get caught up in the typecasting trap it might have led him into.

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